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The Compendium
Interests: Announcing The Daily Peloton Compendium Have a cycling story to tell? We've got the place for you! It's become very clear over the past two years that many of the Daily Peloton's readers are very talented story tellers and writers, and are some of the most interesting people one could hope to meet. Now there is a place where they can tell their own cycling stories - The DP Compendium. Compendium: A brief treatment or account of a subject, especially an extensive subject. A composition containing in brief form the substance of a larger work, or the leading features of a subject, an abstract. Nearly all of us have a personal cycling story to share - of challenges, overcoming obstacles, achieving a goal, conquering a monster climb or an illness, a funny or touching or amazing or outrageous story for which there might not otherwise be a venue. Have you always wanted to write your "big cycling story" or about how cycling has affected your life, but not had the right place, or have been a little nervous to do so? Well then, take a look at the fantastic stories already submitted by the first brave souls, take a deep breath and go for it! DP Compendium Primary Purposes: 1. To offer an easy venue for cycling enthusiasts to share their experiences about cycling; 2. To awaken non-cycling fans to the sport and the personal challenge of cycling; 3. To help fellow cyclists and DP readers learn more about each other; 4. Just for the hell of it. The DP Compendium will be a work in progress - we hope that it will grow over time and evolve into a fascinating "other world" of cycling. Submission Criteria: 1. Stories must be previously unpublished, about the author's thoughts and experiences on or about the bicycle. We are not interested in spectator race reports, but rather how cycling has impacted you (or vice versa). 2. Submissions can be in any language, though English is preferred. 3. The correct length for your story is whatever is needed to tell it. You may submit your own photographs to accompany your work. 4. By submitting a story you agree for it to appear in the DP Compendium indefinitely, and that it is your own original work. Stories may be edited for grammar, punctuation and spelling, and the Daily Peloton reserves the right to decline a submission. Profanity is discouraged, but does not automatically exclude your submission from publication. You retain all rights to your work. How to submit a story: --Send an email to input@dailypeloton with your submission. --Submissions may be contained in the body of the email, or as an attached Word document or text file. --Please attach any images to be included to the email rather than embedding them in a Word document (you may indicate where in your story you would like the images to appear). Limit of three images. --Please include your real name and a valid contact email address. --Specify if you want to be published under your real name or a pseudonym.
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