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Derek Sivers
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1. Bought Peter Gabriel's Big Blue Ball at Easy Street Records in Seattle (by my apartment). 2. Heard a few tracks on Virgin America in-flight jukebox. I had given up on Peter Gabriel after his "Us" album, but was surprised how good these new tracks were.
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Thanks David! The original transcript of the speech is at for those who would rather read it in 2 minutes instead of watch it for 10 minutes. :-) - Derek
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The original post is at, where it's written out so you can read it in 2 minutes, instead of having to listen and watch for 10 minutes. Thanks Bruce!
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I think Bob Baker is going to put an audio recording of it at or
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Have you noticed that for every trend there's an opposite trend that benefits? "Everyone only wants tiny bite-sized TV from YouTube" True, but giant 100-hour-long dramas (24, Lost, Sopranos) are more popular than ever. "Everyone is driving gig gas-guzzling SUVs" True, but notice the hybrid Prius, Mini Cooper, and Smart cars. "Death of the album. It's only songs, now." Maybe this will re-invigorate the long concept album? -- Derek Sivers
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Here's a list of artists on CD Baby who have sold over $30,000 in CD sales just through (which assumes they've sold many more through other methods as well). Alexi Murdoch Dan Zanes and Friends Regina Spektor E.S. Posthumus Gary Jules O.A.R. Operation Ensuring Christmas Jack Johnson Joe Purdy Hypnotica Prozak For Lovers Jon Brion Celldweller The Blanks Jude Melissa Ferrick De-U Records Grant-Lee Phillips Rondellus Pancho's Lament Tribe of Heaven Stan Ridgway and Pietra Wexstun Pat McGuire Band The Whispers Delp and Goudreau Devil Doll The Weepies Vinyl Kings David Giro and Steve Wood Inga Swearingen Levi Kreis Billy Jonas
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