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'Playboy Magazine Index' I would like to add to the 'various claims about declining opportunities in the US, and the indirect evidence that supports this conclusion'. It's all about creating 3 things: jobs, jobs, jobs. The opportunities for 'individuals with ability and ambition who are born into families with modest means and education' are highly correlated to the well being of the manufacturing sectors. What happened to the US trade deficit, manufacturing sectors and unemployment rates could be easily understood from what I call: "Playboy-Ads Index" (with some analogy to "Big Mac Index"). I kept a few issues of my Playboy Magazine as a teenager, dated back to the Sixties (pls. believe me this is no attempt to advertise). Certainly there are beautiful girls (with natural look of all kinds, colors and shapes) advertising plenty of 'Made in USA' products, ranging from Stereo and TV appliances, White-Line and Office appliances, Shoes & Garments to Motor Cars. The only Non-American products were Japanese cameras, and later on scooters. 50 years later, the only 'made in USA products' advertised in the Playboy magazine are Bourbons and silicon (transplants, indirectly advertised)… The figures and numbers are completely coherent with my qualitative "analysis". What led to that situation was a mix of naïve arrogant and reckless conduct of US Economy Captains, which could equal only to its Airlines, Airports & Security Authorities' misconduct before 9\11… The Obama's administration attitude towards Chrysler, for example, best demonstrates the total misunderstanding of the problem domain. It equals to a Captain of a clipper trying to get rid of a major mast, struggling to get rid of 'excessive weight'… The immediate steps that could be in place begin with the comprehension that Trade Deficit is no less dangerous than Budget Deficit, and the urgency to manage it by authorities together with major trade-partners (perhaps for negotiated and agreed tariff-exchange rates measures) . Prof. Paul Krugman is suggesting on the New York Times newspaper to hold China to account (on October 3rd 2011 ). This advice didn't help that much. I say, that rather than holding China to Account, it's about time that Americans start holding US Policy Makers to Account. Itzik Sivosh M.Sc., MBA
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Oct 22, 2013