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I consider my photographs to be photographs once they are up on flickr. That means they have been edited (in camera!) and only jpeg files remain. I don't tinker endlessly with the raw files and any unedited file remains on the camera until it's edited. Perhaps a wierd process but it keeps me sane! The very best photos get on the wall or in a photobook, printed by a lab, for personal consumption or as gifts.
I bought my XT-10 in February 2016. I'm itching to upgrade to XT-2 for the larger viewfinder, weather sealing, and acros film simulation. Rumors of XT-2s may make me wait more than the 2 year minimum I had given myself. Not because I want the IS, but because the price of XT-2 will likely drop.... My general strategy is to buy last year's model.
My small and large camera have same size sensor: Ricoh GR and Fuji XT-10 (will likely upgrade to XT-2 in next year or two). I predict you'll keep missing the Fuji--they have some great zooms!
I think you'll miss the Fuji. But if you insist on switching, I bet the GX8 will be the most comfortable in your hands, and have the better user interface.
I bought an XT-10 back in February and love it. I played around with both XT-10 and XT-1 at the store and couldn't justify the more expensive option. However, I did buy the 35mm f2 and plan on getting the 16mm f1.4 next, with an eye on buying an XT-2 down the road, for the weather resistence and Acros film sulimulation if nothing else. The two things that bothered me about the XT-10 were the shallow eyepiece and small grip. I bought a 3D-printed fix for the former, and the metal grip for the latter. Probably would have done the same with an XT-1 though, and would have bemoaned not waiting for the XT-2 :)
I bought a black X-T10 with 16-50 lens, spare battery, and 32gb card for $750. I will eventually get the 35mm/f2--when they discount it. But unfortunately bought it before you had the link up! It was tricky to find the correct link for that combo though. Somehow got to it through a comment on
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I think the Minolta Maxxum 600si I bought in 1999 may just edge out my current Ricoh GR in current dollars. My next purchase will probably be an X-T10 or X-T2. Maybe an E-M2 if it comes with a sensible user interface.
An exhibit under the same name is currently showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:
I never made a concious decision to do OCOLOY. But in a sense I did. Since February, I have been shooting solely with the Ricoh GR. The decision to purchse the GR had little to do with its 28mm (eq) focal length, as I've always preferred the standard 50mm. And I do not shoot every day and rarely print but have really learned to appreciate the basic OCOLOY pricipal. Selected results can be seen here:
My personal six finalists (in order of appearance): Walk this way Linemen Turkey man Vincent Manna Trench diggers Fisherwoman
But Mike, if you had been photographing instead of just walking, the hawk would have probably long been gone by the time time you photographed the boy with the balloon, the family feeding the mallards, etc :) is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 10, 2012