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McDonald's filet of fish is culinary bliss. Stay away from McDonald's hating snobs.
They're great, but they take a few days to get used to. Dorkiness is a great thing.
This piece, that Krugman wrote for the NY Times early this year, is excellent.
Krugman, along with pretty much every other economist who works in international trade, has been hugely skeptical about the euro from the beginning, at least in its current form and in current circumstances. Krugman has been clear on this point for years. He favors a common currency for Europe, but insists it can work only if there is substantial labor market integration across Europe, and substantial fiscal federalism. Given that both are absent, he has been saying for years the euro will end in disaster. Milton Friedman said the same thing, for the same reasons, as did pretty much every other economist. I tell every europhile they owe the rest of us an apology for the damage they did.
I am skeptical of Romney's chances, probably because in 1980, I backed Bush in the primaries even though I greatly preferred Reagan, because I was sure Bush could beat Carter and Reagan couldn't. After Bush's subsequent flops, I am skeptical of the "better the moderate Republican" stuff.
Oh jeez. It's not as if he thought the US had fifty seven states.
Goodness, I admit to not knowing much about Steve Jobs, but you make him sound like Henry Ford, although Jobs didn't write books about Perfidious Jew.
Thanks a lot. I wasted a half-hour this morning trying to find a parking spot, my classroom computer didn't work, and it's raining. Now you go and remind me that the only thing possibly stopping the complete collapse of Europe are a few tough Slovakians. Maybe they will be tough enough to repeat the Battle of Thermopylae.
The lesson is clear. Do not let your kids go to Italy.
Like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, when Krugman is good he is very, very good, and when he is bad, he is awful Krugman is and was a vigorous critic of the euro as far back as the '90s, when the euro was in planning stage. See his piece "Can Europe Be Saved" ( ) which is very good, unlike his regular column, which is usually awful. Why he switches to defending the euro in the column you linked is not clear to me, but he does have the fair point that significant deflation can be very costly. Then again, the ECB pursued low interest rates in the early 2000s to help out Germany's stalled economy, and that caused the mess in high inflation countries like Spain and Ireland. Maybe there is Krugman and his evil twin, and they divide the work load between them.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2011 on Krugman is a dummkopf Tom Smith at The Right Coast
This is not complicated, and is unrelated to market failure. Old media is cozy with Waxman, and new media is much less so. Waxman is merely protecting his base.
No kidding, but the whole body building thing strikes me as just plain creepy.
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