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Earl Skakel
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I can't speak for Chris but if you know Chris that's why people love him as he says what's on his mind and doesn't really care if people like it or not. If the joke thief had not been told politely I might add by some of Mitch's friends that people were onto him I could see how this looked like an ambush but he was told at least twice that I know too stop. Publicly outing him like this to me was the last and more importantly to me appropriate way to ensure he stop.
Dagwood, I completely disagree with you that the video was done for the glorification of it's "protectors". I get no glory out of being in this but am mearly sick of people talking about how wrong stealing is BUT they do NOTHING about it. This clown was told several times in private by some of Mitch's friends on the scene to stop and he chose to keep doing Mitch's jokes almost daring people to confront him. Add to the equation that he treated people like shit on the LA scene and the guy had very few supporters and or friends. People may think the execution of the video was too aggressive but given the fact that he was warned privately how would you have handled it differently? Instead of people going back and forth on what is right or wrong about the video tell me what would you have done instead? Earl
AG, the problem is that the thief was told 4 months ago by one of Mitch's closest friends at a show to stop it and 4 months later he's not only doing the jokes word for word still but motion for motion. I also will say he wasn't doing these jokes at shitty open mics as this was a nearly sold out show at The Hollywood Improv Lab and he(joke thief)as also done these exact jokes at packed bringer shows at The Comedy Store so it's not just open mics and even if it were what does that have to do with anything? Stealing is stealing and it's wrong no matter if it's in front of 3 open micers or a packed club.
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May 22, 2011