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NetFlix should change their future licensing deals so that once a person starts watching a series they can finish watching it, even after it expires. That would reduce the impact of expiration dates significantly.
I see another big blunder coming. I can't quite foresee what it'll be - maybe tying profiles to streams so you have to pay for profiles even if you don't want multiple streams - but I'm sure it will go over like an osmium balloon.
I don't know if it's just the way this is written, but it does sound like he's leaving tight-lipped and disgruntled.
I wish you could save titles to the streaming queue like you can to the DVD queue. I guess I'll have to start keeping track manually.
"Will 2012 be the year that cord cutting takes off?" I would really like it to be, in a huge way ... not holding me breath though.
Defying Gravity.
"If they make this move I will just have to start using the TV tuner on my HTPC and PVRing what I want to watch." You should, even if you keep using Hulu+. When a show is available OTA I always prefer recording over streaming, always. The video quality is great and the PVR player has superior features (rewind, fast forward, commercial skip, etc.).
Agreed - NetFlix is a good supplement to something else, not a stand-alone product. In the US, NetFlix plus broadcast television (for those that can get it) is a good alternative to cable. In Canada far fewer people can get OTA. From what I've heard in the Digital Home forums, Canadian broadcast coverage is pretty spotty and weak. That said, if anything, Canadian viewers hate cable companies even more than US viewers.
I don't want to prevent others from sharing, but it should definitely be an opt-in. And the opt-in should be stand-alone, not dependent on anything else - definitely don't want an "if you opt out, click the button below to cancel your account". The law should be worded to ensure it must be a stand-alone opt-in. DO NOT leave this up to individual companies to decide.
I agree they should concentrate on popular content first, but having to twist statistics so it seems they're making good progress is pathetic. NetFlix committed to real progress. They shouldn't be allowed to BS their way out of that commitment. They should be well beyond 80% of all titles by this point.
I know it's just a label, but I wish they'd call it stereoscopic TV instead. They should reserve 3DTV for real 3D (holographic) television. When that comes out I just might buy. This stereoscopic stuff with glasses? No think you.
"the current trend is disturbing" And has been for more than a year. I agree with you; on the current trend, NetFlix is going to pursue content ever more aggressively, and price increases will continue till NetFlix is as expensive as cable. Sure, there will people that love it even then but it won't be the same people that loved NetFlix two years ago.
The fake quote is a bit sensational, but also a bit accurate. Parse each sentence. Some are clearly true, the rest arguably so.
Perhaps they're starting to realize that licensing content is no walk in the park. I'll believe they've regained their sanity when they start marketing the DVD part of their service again, and when they knock a couple of bucks off the combined plans.
DVDs have one thing that streaming will probably never have - first sale protection. Disks will remain the only affordable way to rent new releases for a long long time. Streaming may be bad for the consumer in the long run. If studios can get most customers to purchase movies digitally they can discontinue disks altogether, and then we will truly be at the studio's mercy.
"Looks like Redbox has told Warner Bros to take a hike with its effort to double the waiting period" I see this as a stark demonstration of the power the studios have over companies that are shackled to streaming deals. Everyone keeps saying that streaming is the future, but I think it's only one part of the future, and a fairly small part at that. The only way people are going to get most new releases affordably is on disk.
I think what you mean is that no streamer can call themselves a videophile. I think you'd find there are plenty of movie lovers that don't care that much about picture quality, nor do they limit themselves to titles that are only available on streaming.
Not defending Hulu Plus but ... Have you never paid for either satellite or cable? People have been paying for commercials for decades, and yes it is dumb.
And the marginalization of NetFlix deepens. Next we'll hear about the studios imposing rental quotas in addition to streaming quotas. I wonder how far the studios have to push it before half of NetFlix's customers leave in disgust - and how far NetFlix will let themselves be pushed.
Roku 1 was always on as well and updates automatically. I keep mine plugged into a smart strip so it's typically only on a couple/few hours a day (when my TV is on) but it updates just fine. [The Roku is low power and doesn't really need a smart strip, but my receiver gobbles 20+ watts when 'off'.]
I'd like to see Google take them over, or better yet start competing with them. I know a lot of people hate and distrust Google but I'm not one of them.
One possible benny for customers - HBO DVDs from Netflix will come with extras.
NetFlix should resolve to split the smart way, into 1) a dedicated streaming company (which will fail, because getting enough compelling content will be far too expensive) 2) a DVD + low cost streaming company (which will go gangbusters, just like they did up till they started ruining it in 2010 with too-expensive streaming deals).
To be fair it's not NetFlix, it's the industry. Asylum studios exits solely to rip off blockbuster films. Undoubtedly NetFlix gets these films in one of their many deals; it'd be impractical for them to exclude them, and they do count in their marketing numbers. If you think it's disappointing on NetFlix, imagine how you'd feel if you'd spent good money renting the VHS from a video store and had nothing else to watch. Back in the day it'd totally ruin your evening plans. Streaming is a vast improvement in that respect. Perhaps in time streaming will completely destroy the business model for places like The Asylum.
After you redeem this you have to return 2 disks to get your next disk shipped. The timing of this makes me think they trying to increasing shipments now so that shipments will be reduced around Christmas - lots of people returning one disk and getting none in return.