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Skelter Weeks
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That road (Route 1) is the worst. Seeing it on Streetview, there's no shoulder or sidewalk. Just a huge, high speed highway. No place for a bike. Greenwood is better. No sidewalk or shoulder either, but only 2 lanes, and presumably slower traffic. The traffic 'engineers' who design these things need to be held to account.
There are a lot of people who ride cheap bikes, no lights, dark clothing, oftentimes go the wrong way. They're not going to change. What we can change is the bike. The law practically everywhere mandates lights. Yet, bikes are not required to be sold with lights. Would we allow cars to be sold without lights? Or mirrors? Or any number of safety features? Yes, batteries run down. So why not equip all bikes with a dynamo (friction) light? Those 'in the know' can replace them with an LED, or whatever light they want. But then the idiots who don't understand basic safety would finally have a light, and they'd be seen. Or petition Wal-Mart, Target not to sell any bikes without lights (since these people buy their bikes there). The price won't change much.
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Feb 19, 2015