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I must say Orser is one ungrateful person and what he has done for the last couple of days is nothing but a cold slap on Yuna's face. Ever since the breakup story first broke out, literally all the news articles I have read, including yours, focused Orser's contributions to Yuna's success, but the media never made a comment about how Yuna played a crucial part in the making of Orser the star coach. Orser would have never be able to achieve his current status as the one of the most sought after coaches in that short period of time if it wasn't Yuna; it was Yuna and her mom who dug him out of the depressing third rate show skater life and gave him an instant fame as a coach and media exposure. Orser owes her careerwise as much as Yuna owes him, but now only the one side of the coin is highlighted while the other side is completely and deliberately ignored. It is sad to see that his words successfully painted Yuna ungrateful for what she owed him without shedding light on how he owed Yuna, and now her commercial value is plunged, costing her and her mom millions of commercial opportunities. He even broke the news on the same day as the first ticket sale day of Yuna's US show. I have to repeat myself; Orser is one of the most bitter and ungrateful person I have ever seen.
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Aug 26, 2010