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Puget Sound, Washington State, USA
Asian Spirit trapped in a Western Body
Interests: travel, food, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures. asia.
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Great site. Don't worry about the hate mail. Many people do not understand Asia. I am an American, who first went to Asia in 1967: Vietnam War. I feel in love with Asia. Since then, I have been to 31 Asian cities, to Japan two times, Korea five times, and China nine times. My wife is Chinese, ex-PLA. I am returning to Vietnam in September, going to Saigon, (which I have been to three times before, in 1968) Quy Nhon, (where I was stationed in the US Army) and Hanoi, which I have never been to. Yes, Asians eat anthing!! So what?? They do not waste. I eat almost least once! Asian food is so exciting. Quite a challenge for some westerners who grew up on meat and potatos. I am looking forward to exploring your site and getting some tips on food in Vietnam prior to my return in September. Keep up the good work.
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