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i dislike posting about something just because it's the cable news outrage du jour, or the top whatever at memeorandum.are you kidding? i love linking to the top whatever @ memeorandum! then i click that link about a eleventy-million times, and fool the memeorandum bots into thinking a lot of people are clicking thru via my page, and voila! i get a link @ the top of memeorandum! and a lot of people click thru to my page! it's almost like a microcosm of american journalism! always feeding off itself! and it sure inflates my traffic stats!
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maybe she knows she's a terrible gov. and is resigning because she knows the lt. gov. would be better for the state. she's a marvelous and paradoxical blend of dumb and smart. also. pause. pause. pause. (loudly): naaaaah!
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i need to go the johns, jasper.
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choke up on the bat a little more. also widen your stance.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2009 on A Note Going Forward at Whiskey Fire
which one is clinton?
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2009 on Iron Out All the Creases at Whiskey Fire
i'm w/those leaning w/tacitus. @ least on saturday cable news sucked on this.
"which might really help letterman's ratings, at least that night, against his new late-night competition, conan o'brien." he doesn't need any help. conan's been sinking since his first show & letterman beat him last nite. it's the hardly-ever-right wing (of whom the writer of this blog, andrew malcolm, former speech writer for laura bush, is a card-carrying member) that assumed letterman was talking about sex w/a 14 year old when the joke not only didn't talk about willow, but doesn't make any sense comedically if one assumes the subject was willow. it only works if the subject is bristol, the one who had a daughter out of wedlock while practicing abstinence.
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well you are all giving whelan way more credit than i would. of course it's up to publius to accept or not accept his apology, and publius has accepted it, so be it. i, however, am not so quick to give whelan credit for acting in a civil manner, which, after all, is what we expect from everybody in the world. he wants props for acting well? get in line behind the 5 billion other people who are expected to behave. it's a little too late for mea cuplas, imo. on john cole's blog, commentor forked tongue correctly points out the four parts of a real apology. the step that whelan has left out is reparations of even a symbolic kind (forked tongue recommends a donation to a charity, i assume of publius's choice). saying i'm sorry w/o any actions behind it is hollow. "yeah, he ran over the four year old, but he was man enough to apologize for it." as i said elsewhere, in other news, open barn door apologizes to runaway horses.
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ps. my real name is duncan black.
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cough cough. but i just pretty much linked to everyone else's posts, so no thanks necessary. i actually did it for the memeorandum traffic.
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but obama doesn't pay attention to the 24-hour news cycle, and i'm starting to think that about 75% of the american public doesn't, either. the only people that care about the 24-hour news cycle are those in the news business, and i use the term "news" quite lightly. both the gop and the "news business" are stuck in last century's paradigm. hopefully it will mean the demise of both.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on Spoken Like a Traffic Cop at Whiskey Fire
i've got nothin'.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on CLOSED THREAD at Whiskey Fire
i am totally confused by this argument... "putting the troops in danger." what? you mean the war might get dangerous? the troops are already in the most lethal human situation possible, a shooting war. how can it get any worse? the other side kills them twice? the fundamentalists get really mad? w/all due respect to our fighting men and women, it's time we stopped using them as an excuse for political agendas. and, i can't vouche for the authenticity, but newshoggers claims to have found some of the pics (and i posted some @ skippy). they are not pleasant to look at.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2009 on Response at Whiskey Fire
what a crass borish man we have as our president. is that a man who bores people, as opposed to a boorish man? or maybe the wingnut meant a boarish man, one who acts in the manner of a wild pig...
Toggle Commented May 11, 2009 on Like I Was Saying... at Whiskey Fire
make that "archaic" slang. it also helps your joke to work if you spell everything correctly.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on The Finest Joke Is upon Us at Whiskey Fire
lol! merl beat me to it! i was going to say, maher's joke would have been funny if sammy davis jr. was elected president, but when you use archais slang in a contemporary joke, you deserve to get the bum's rush! 23 skidoo!
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on The Finest Joke Is upon Us at Whiskey Fire
thx, jb, i'll add it to my netflix queue, which also is backed up. we waited for 3 months for vicky christina barcelona, which we finally watched last nite. not worth the wait, i can assure you.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2009 on China Moon at Whiskey Fire
she did not attack those who believe otherwise. she did not insult them. she did not call them names. she merely offered her opinion. so, if she had said that negros shouldn't be allowed to vote, she'd still be ethically protected by those same caveats?
Toggle Commented May 3, 2009 on Oh Dear Lord at Whiskey Fire