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"History may be written by the letter writers, but it's made by people who didn't have the good sense to be patient and stay put." This is a comment that I will store and use for a very long time. As the writer of Emmett Till history, and having spent years in the Mississippi Delta tracking down this story, I can attest to its accuracy. Over and over I have been amazed at the tenacity of regular people who didn't stay put or be patient from the days of slavery until the modern civil rights movement. Their stories are amazing. I think often, for instance, of Rev. Horace Germany who didn't stay put, but who left the Midwest to live in Northern Mississippi where he was nearly beaten to death for trying to start a small school to train young African Americans to help poor black Delta families survive by becoming agriculturalists. It was the white Citizens Councils that finally slowed him down. But even in the end, his accomplishments were great. As were the accomplishments of Fannie Lou Hamer, Aaron Henry, Amzie Moore, Cleve McDowell, Birdia Keglar, Adlena Hamlett and so many more unsung heroes. All beautiful people who put patience aside; this comment adds real meaning to those of us who humbly collect their magnificent stories.
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Mar 1, 2010