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I'm a fan of both TBTL and Dave Ross, and I really like the combo of the two of them. Luke occasionally disarms Dave, makes him burst out laughing or groan in horror, and I really like that. It helps lighten up Dave and adds a new voice to the slot, both literally and metaphorically. But no, I don't see Luke running his own show on KIRO. He works very well running a podcast that's not restricted by commercials and breaking news, where he's free to talk about whatever the hell seems interesting to him. (And by the way, I love that about TBTL - it's a journey inside Luke's brain.) I don't know how well he'd be able to carry off both a regular show and TBTL. And we all know he will never, ever, ever abandon TBTL - unless he gets offered his own reality show on TLC.
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Oct 15, 2010