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Joan, I'm a bit confused. Why do you think his site is a big paid advertisement? What's it an advertisement for? I've been following his site (and several others) in the few months that I've had an iPad. His site has never struck me as a "big paid advertisement", so I'd love to know where you are coming from. :) He reviews apps and gives his opinion on them. Then a parent can decide if that app is something that you want to use for your child. He then also gets the makers of the apps to give away free codes to the apps during the parties. Just because he offers advertising space, and then uses the money to pay for the iPad4U promotion (and probably towards paying for web hosting), doesn't mean that he's conning people. He's looking for people who he has already reviewed their apps. Why shouldn't they help our kids get iPads cheaper?
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Oh I needed a giggle today!! People are so silly. I guess according to this "Punky" I should be offended since I'm a Barefoot Books Ambassador? *fakes horror* You stole my business name! How dare you! *ends fake horror and falls over laughing* Hrm.. but it makes me wonder about the name "Punky". Wasn't that used already? As in "Punky Brewster"? So isn't she using a name that belongs to someone else? And when you really think about it, aren't we all using names that have belonged to someone before us? (Ok, that's a bit too deep for me this early in the morning. I need another cup of coffee!)
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Sep 3, 2010