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Agreed, but how does that keep us from bowing down( witch i'll die before i do) to a KING OR QUEEN or Government.
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I don't really have the knowledge of the english language to state what I feel about this as well as you and others do but I'll try in my simplistic manner. I couldn't agree more with the statement that we do need to look closer at the things that caused the red flags to be raised. I have a real hard time reading a libs position on things because I'm a partisan hack (I don't deny that.) I tend to just tone them out and not try to read between the lines. When a government program gets started, in wartime or peacetime, it is near impossible to end it after the thing it was made for is past. The program also grows and takes in more power unto itself no matter what the current politicians who made it say. (think the income tax). I,for one, think the Bush admin will abuse the system but trust them to only abuse it for nobel purposes (things that I would abuse it for also if I ran the show) but do I want Hillary or Kerry or any other name to have those same powers? Heck no. So where are the safe guards? where is the point the programs end, written in law that can't be changed?
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