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Hi John, James K. Galbraith has been studing this for some time, the link below goes to his website on his Inequality papers, hope you like it. A lot papers to support you theory as fact. Slap
Hi Robb, as I think I have mentioned I grew up with the Space Race and Cuban Missile Crisis in Orlando,Fl. so based upon my experience you are dead on it. The Saturn V was and is so powerful it broke windows in Orlando on that July day and we cheered about it! I watched every launch from Mercury to the Moon shot either from my house or a friends or at school. And then just have generally watched the US on a slow downward slide. As the bible says "where their is no vision the people Parrish".
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Hi Michael, being from Slapout,Al. the cultural center of the universe I can tell you that your analysis is correct, pickup trucks rule.
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So John when will we see some of your stuff on Youtube?
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