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Nodl for his very minimal cap hit is very important to this team, one of our top 2 way forwards, a very very important role player. Expect Sesito to replace Shelley at some point, id like his 1.1 mil off of our books. I dont want Cole at all, and Laich is going to want too much. Give Stammer an offer sheet for 8.5 and TB is fucked.
It would be for the rights to Bryzgalov as we did with Timonen and Hartnell. It would just be straight up High and Wide for Bryzgalov, we would end up with picks and a high end prospect as well (I.E Boedker or someone of that nature) Id do it in a heartbeat. Get rid of that lazy eyed bum and his 11 year contract.
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May 16, 2011