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A laser, even powerful, would burn on one spot, not explode a building. And it would be visible even on the UV or infrared wavelenghts because it would heat the air around the beam like a pillar of fire. However, a laser would require too much energy to be fired from a little solar-powered satellite. Even dry air would disperse much of the beam at distances superior to some KM, because of heating turbulence and ionization. The more powerful the beam, the more turbulence and ionization interference.
A few time ago, an italian website published an actual beheading video from Tunisia. I saw a Christian boy being literally beheaded and martired for his Faith in Christ, he didn't even cry, he died ecstatically, his head was cut off but his face was shining: I cried.
"Provocation will be used as pretext by #US & allies to launch strikes on military and govt infrastructures in #Syria, we are registering the signs of the preparations. Strike groups of the cruise missile carriers been formed in Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea” - @mod_russia
I have some personal experience. Briefly: if one believes in God, one can accept the presence of other spiritual beings which sometimes manifest themselves. Are they good or evil spirits? I confidently advice you: UFOs are often not the good ones, it's the ones who like to deceive and play "aliens" with someone, even the military, a piece of cake for them. May God bless you all and this bulletin in this joyful Holiday, in Jesus name.
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Dec 23, 2017