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whoa, did the Ed Techie get a facelift? Seems like it, but maybe it's just been too long since I visited. Liked the slides. Interested to know - where/how did you get the stats on OU enrollments or requests for prospecti that resulted from the MOOC? I imagine that sort of number is of great interest to lots of folks looking to run MOOCs of their own out of institutional settings. Cheers, Scott
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2013 on Surviving the Day of the MOOC at The Ed Techie
It will (sadly) die out. I say sadly not from a sense of nostalgia (though I do have that too) but because for some specific contexts, it is actually still the best machine for the device. Have you ever tried to output print to a form or label for which you did not have an existing template? It is a much more common task than you'd expect, hence the reason there are actually still lots of these tucked away in back corners (we even have a full on typewriter repair shop in Victoria still.) And yes, I am nostalgic too, hence why I installed recently ;-)
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2012 on A technology extinction event? at The Ed Techie
It's hard to argue that Sandanista couldn't have used some selective editing, though the idea of a punk band releasing a triple album was part of the charm. I do like the dub you came up with, pretty much all of my favourite tracks from this album (which funnily is the one, along with "Black Market Clash," that I find myself singing as I walk along most often these days.) Long live St. Joe!
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2012 on My Sandinista at The Ed Techie
Who knows if this piece about the End User License Agreement is true, but if so, this is worse than I had thought.
To the extent to which their bookstore and app use open standards like epub (without bastardizing it) and allow for importing books that don't come solely from their bookstore, this isn't much different from their itunes play (which is not meant to minimize it, as clearly iTunes had a major impact on that industry), and as such, is of some but not grave concern to me as a proponent of open and free culture and education. Not unlike iTunes, I do worry that by controlling the main channels (the bookstore) through which un-industrious users find content, they do start to cultivate monocultures, but then not sure this is that much different then other "channels" of the past. What worries me most, though, is things like Apple's "PC Free" goal, which on the surface looks like "ease of use" for the consumer, but on a deeper examination looks less generativity, less tinkerability, and more lock in to the channels that they do control. Time will tell; as people have come to learn through their successes with both iTunes and the iPhone etc, Apple's innovations can be disruptive in ways larger than one initially expects, and trying to predict exactly how large this one will be at this point is premature.
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Jan 19, 2012