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Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2014 on Testing: Is This Blog Back On? at New World Notes
"'Script' their orientation responses to keep things clean and clear." I think that's an extremely good idea, but with the existing client code/server architecture, only about 10% of the people who create an account would even be able to experience it. The difficulties of the SL UI cannot be understated and are evident and undeniable by the lack of growth and near 0% user retention -- that's despite 400K new users each month, who are clearly interested in trying it out, but quit before even getting started. It's one of the main reasons why adding explicit game systems to SL is a good idea, because they would appeal to MMO gamers who are already used to complex UIs.
Facebook owns Instagram, but it doesn't require a Facebook login, so I really doubt it.
Updated in the text, your comment can reflect the change -- thanks, Yoz!
"Except it's not a video game, and Linden Lab isn't a video game company. They don't employ writers, musicians, 2d and 3d artists, level designers, etc." Actually, this is exactly wrong. Linden has or does employ all those kinds of people. (Yes, even musicians -- one of the original founding Lindens, Ryan, was literally a rock star, and worked on SL's audio elements.) Second Life was originally lead developed by a game programmer/ designer (Cory) and was originally launched/marketed as a game (by a veteran of Maxis). Internally it was positioned as a direct competitor to The Sims Online, which was definitely a game. Read my book.
"So, Eb's answer" No, not really -- OnLive has been working on this for quite some time, long before Ebbe became CEO.
As I mentioned in the post, an NWN survey had 35% respondents saying they'd be willing to pay for streaming: As for OnLive's specific price point, I definitely recommend at least trying it out before deciding.
I just started playing it last night -- it rocks!
Um, China isn't the only region in Asia. Maple Story is from Nexon in South Korea. "a subscription virtual world like World of Warcraft is making" "Like"? World of Warcraft is the *only* significant example of a subscription-based virtual world making a lot of money. All other subsequent attempts at that revenue model have failed or under-delivered. Also, WoW has hit a growth plateau. And it only gets subscription revenue in the West, half its user base is in China, uses prepaid cards, and the revenue from that region is tiny. Again, you really need to take this subject seriously and do a lot more research before you start making bold pronouncements that are just not accurate.
Dude, you don't know what you're talking about. YoVille has 20 million monthly active accounts; the top MMOs and virtual worlds in Asia have that or more. It's not true "World of Warcraft is a dominant online world", several are larger. It's not even the largest international MMO, Maple Story probably is. Habbo is larger that Warcraft, and has a greater spread by national usage (South America, Asia, the US, etc.) Taken together, monthly active uniques for all MMOs and virtual worlds are somewhere in the range of 150 million -- meaning, about 1 in 10 all Internet users. According to an extensive consumer survey, *1 in 8* Americans belong to a virtual world: Seriously, you need to do a lot more research.
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