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Suicide thoughts are a bit extreme, but i also had this adventerous feeling that i WANT to be there and explore the world of Pandora! Imo this effect is, because the world is so mysterious, it's something new and you just want to explore this interesting world. This feeling was very strong for me especially the week after the movie, i listened to Avatar soundtrack almost exculusively to preserv this feeling. As Cameron pointed out we also have a beautiful nature, we just need to grab some friends and go camping somewhere or a trip into nature, whereever you wish to go. Appreciate what we have here and enjoy the life we have here on earth.
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I think they have sex like humans, but they use the neural connection to increase the pleasure and the bond between them. Maybe the males have small genitals, so they need this neural connection to have the needed pleasure, but that's a speculation. But it's really not important the sex scene was cut out on purpose to not distract the viewer with sex and leave this to our imagination, which makes the film stay in our mind longer, because we want to know more and because of the DVD of course which will contain additional scenes which fans don't wanna miss.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2010 on Secret Scenes On the AVATAR DVD? at Avatar Blog
Read all the comments and i can only agree with you. I also felt love for Neytiri it's strange, never had this feeling in a film before, but in Avatar the love between Jake and Neytiri is displayed so beautiful, so natural! It's really like someone else said, it's only based on pure feelings, no materialistic thinking involved, that's what makes their relationship so beautiful. Neytiri just sees through Jake and realizes that he has a strong heart and will, he is brave and that he really wants to be part of the Na'vi and he doesn't give up, these traits created Neytiri's attraction towards Jake. Not to forget that Neytiri and Jake spend 3 months together where she is his mentor, which the viewer doesn't see, where their relationship can develop. She simply sees that he enjoys being with her. The turning point is when Jake gets his own Ikran, she can see how Jake loves it, his pure joy, that he had the strong will to pass the tests and that just sends a message to a woman that she is safe with him. That's also the reason why she doesn't love Tsu'Tey, because he has this angry attitude and is a bit evil, that is the reason why Neytiri doesn't feel attracted to him. I can say and i want to be honest, it's just that kind of love i want to experience on my own, i for one haven't found true love yet and that's why i loved their releationship so much, and Neytiri for being so pure and caring. It's how the the love between the two develops, it just feels heartwarming. Also, maybe someone spotted this too, there were a few teasingscenes in the movie, which also creates attraction in woman. - When they flew in the air and Jake tells his Ikran to slap the wings of Neytiri's Ikran and she has this playful evil look. - After Jake's ceremony when they are going to the Tree of voices, he playfully slaps Neytiri's tail. - Right after this scene Neytiri want to pull Jake along, but he tries to pull her back, which she answers with a smile before he comes along. - Before the kiss, there is a little mindgame going on (which women love to play!) She tells him how many good women there are to test him, if he is man enough to choose her. - The final words from Jake are teasing again, he still let's her in the dark which woman he has choosen, but she knows that she is the one. That builds anticipation and attraction, that's why she also smiled after he said it, because he formulated it so well and it just hit her on the right spot in her mind. So really long post, but i searched long to find a discussion and i wanted to post all my thoughts on this topic here. Hope to see Avatar 2 soon :)
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Jan 8, 2010