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I have heard the "nanny dog" reference for at least the last 9 years, so it has been around awhile. It is part of the UKC description of the APBT (actually, part of the actual standard, as I read it) that these dogs were considered good with children. Specifically, it says, "...APBTs make excellent family companions and have always been noted for their love of children." I had thought that the AKC made similar statements in their descriptions of the AST and SBT, not as part of the official standard, but as part of their general breed descriptions, but I cannot find that on the AKC site, so either I made that up (not completely impossible) or they have changed it. At any rate, the term "nanny dog" may be new, but the idea of this is not. It has become one of these "things" that folks desperate to defend our breeds hold onto like a life raft. I am recently involved in the fight to keep a nearby city (Saginaw, MI) from enacting BSL and one thing I have discovered is that for every good factual claim we make, they dig out competing garbage claims, often from the misunderstood CDC study or the horrid Clifton "study" - and since the BSL opposition (us) only has the opportunity to speak in little 3 minute segments at the city council meetings, which the city council members can "rebut" for nearly unlimited time, it becomes this odd game of dueling statistics. We are always on the defensive to refute their garbage stats, a very hard job to do in 3-minute bits. I am **very** grateful for these accurate examinations of the facts. I find that I have to try a different tactic, though, than to throw accurate stats at them, as they are not capable of evaluating good from bad stats and just fall back on whichever "data" they want to believe. But for us, this is absolutely invaluable. Thank you! (PS - I am a differnt Lori S. than the one above; I signed in with Google and that is how I am signed in there.)
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May 27, 2011