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Wonderful topic Becky and great examples! One of my favorite books is entitled: Trust is Everything -Aneil and Karen Mishra. In the book they state: "Simply put, trusting others means you are willing to be vulnerable to them in the face of uncertainty" I find once your able to always "assume good intentions" and pair that with a healthy dose patience then trust emerges.
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Becky, what a wonderful topic this is. I hope you generate a lot of discussion. Thank you for referencing me as your "real life" example. For well over 7 years I've been on networks like LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc but my recent experience with twitter has without a doubt been the best "connecting" tool at our disposal. I'm thankful for the connection we've created and look forward to building more relationships.
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Becky, like you we often feel our neighborhood is "vanilla". That said we're accustomed to venturing out short/long distances to ensure we're exposing ourselves and our girls to other cultures and walks of life. It's interesting to hear your story. We're just the opposite. Spent our lives in small(er) towns and often wonder what it would be like to live on the "wild-side". We've always loved Chicago and hope to visit again this summer.
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Mar 24, 2010