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Leighton, If Christians actually believed that, the whole world would want to be on board. Which is exactly Willard's point in much of his writing. I don't think it is cynical to recognize that few Christians (and certainly, it seems, not the vocal or "influential" ones) live it out. I think Willard would agree with that assessment of the Church. I certainly do.
I'm with Jonathan - would love to read more.
Leighton, I think Willard would argue that the purpose for making Christians is to redeem the world. He sees human flourishing (in love, peace, and justice) as the primary intention of God in the world and Christians as those who participate in making that happen. I don't think Willard would be comfortable divorcing the means from the end; the means of justice, peace, and love ARE also the end. For this reason, it is never a Christian option to use other means (politics, power, violence) because in doing so, the end is negated.
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Aug 13, 2014