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The small towns of profiling between autonomy and grant more than two-thirds of all people in Europe lives in small and medium-sized cities. Worldwide issues of the urban development be made in those places beyond the cities and megacities. So 2010 versatile solutions for the urban redevelopment in the sign of the demographic, economic and social changes arising in the international Bauausstellung Stadtumbau Sachsen-Anhalt, which can give impetus for other regions. The IBA urban conversion 2010 invites the Ministry of regional development and transport of Saxony-Anhalt to the International Conference on the occasion of the opening of the year of presentation. How can I get and sustained quality of life beyond classical growth parameters? How can the balancing act succeed a profiling between autonomy and subsidy in the smaller cities? with contributions by: Sicco van Gelder, branding expert, Amsterdam / Dr. Maria Lezzi, Director of the Federal Office for spatial development, Berne / Dr Hildegard Oraze, policy advisor, Vienna / Juliane Naumann, urban April 10, 2010, 8:30 to 18: 00 approximately, splash, Manchester / Prof. Dr. Rainer Lehmann, education expert, Berlin / Dr Steffen Krohnert, demo demography researcher, Berlin / Peter Bleckmann, education expert, Berlin on Saturday, for Conference participants and interested professionals offered four day excursions in the region of the IBA. For both events, limited seats are available. Participation is possible only after registration at and a confirmation of the Agency. Continue reading
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A thoroughly healthy nibbling fun. Shells Nutcracker: design means "Function in the form", and can be found both combined in this massive, shiny chrome-plated nut cracker. Due by two arranged and conical forms of internal crack but also each nut, whether large or small. Another advantage is the bowls form closed down. Both walnuts and walnut shells no longer burst down away. Enjoy the full stone fruit, with dining table and home decor by jumping away Nutshells spared even as a permanent advertising with fine laser engraving available. Unit price and engraving costs on request. Music CD is one of the best known and most brilliant composers, conductors, and music critics of the 19th century Pyotr (Peter) Iljitsch Tschaikosky, born on April 25, 1840 in Kamsko-Wotkinski Zavod (Russia). Although he took piano lessons at the age of 4, he began studying music in composition and instrumentation to musical failure until 1861. The first successful compositions, such as "Romeo & Juliet" Overture, symphonies to "Snow white" and the ballet "Swan Lake" emerged in the 60s and 70s of the 19th century. Included on the CD "The Nutcracker" in set music you are listening to the eponymous Ballet, presented by the "English Chamber of Orchestra London" the suites "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping beauty" played by the "Ballet Orchestra of Moscow". Put the CD, close your eyes and enjoy life concert atmosphere. Nuts to crack and eat later. Press company contact: the advertising idea Rainer foot Kottenforststrasse 17 53340 Meckenheim German Germany FON: + 49 (2225) 953595 fax: + 49 (2225) 953596 E-mail: the company "the advertising idea" itself since January 1992 "the advertising idea" as an intermediary between producers of innovative promotional products and customers with high demands on the effectiveness of their overall marketing mix. These customers include the use of... Continue reading
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His most important Goal is to inspire people with experiences. Around 1,000 experiences can be purchased directly at Jochen Swiss shop on the Internet: fascinating outdoor adventures for the whole family as well as experiences of relaxation for body, mind and soul. "Cool contact Mr. Ness (alias Arturo Amorim, CEO) at CERTIFIED COOLNESS limited Zweibruckenstrasse 8 VH D 80331 Munich Germany Backgrounder the Earth and life are cool". So that it stays that way, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and to change intelligent, humorous and positive life habits. In the order: Avoid CO2, reduce CO2 and compensate for CO2 because not everything can be to avoid or reduce. Certified coolness provides assistance in avoiding CO2, CO2 reduction and CO2 compensation ("CO2 compensation also called in English: carbon offsetting"). Avoiding CO2 and CO2 reduction are certified coolness information: comprehensive, relevant and free of charge. Cool with the attitude living on a cool planet"offers the coolest CO2 offset certified coolness secured exclusively by CE certificates that are issued by the United Nations (UN). CO2 offsetting, there is art and the art of living: stories, photos, drawings, videos, cooking recipe and more. For anyone who loves the Earth and life, and for all budgets is something: there are the SMALL sizes with 250 kg CO2 compensation, MEDIUM with 500 kg CO2 offset and LARGE 1,000 kg CO2 compensation. The unique combination of CO2 offset and art makes it possible to give something useful and cool at the same time. About to download: easy, fast, no problem. Who can let himself nicely packaged gifts send the certified coolness naturally CO2 neutral. Public relations: BRANDLEAGUE limited the branding company Brandleague specializes in brand and communications consultancy, communication design and dialogue marketing. Activity focuses on environmental and health economics. Contact: Dr. Renate... Continue reading
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Individual exhibition stands for glasstec 2010 LA concept in Dusseldorf which is glasstec 2010 the international trade fair for the glass industry and takes place from the 28.09 up to the 1st of October 2010 in the Messe Dusseldorf. At this fair, product innovations and new editing techniques and glass twists presented the professionals from the fields of glass machinery, glass industry and glass crafts. So the entire value creation process in all its aspects can be represented on the glasstec 2010. The participation of the exhibitors therefore becomes an essential success factor and competitive advantage. Thus, the selection of the correct stand is an important factor for a successful trade fair concept. Individual exhibition stands can be adjusted very flexible on all demands and wishes and for the various areas of the glasstec. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a wide range of individual and high-quality exhibition stands. Not only individual stand sizes and shapes can be made through the flexible exhibition systems. With individual exhibition buildings can be made prefabricated fair systems and mobile booths. So, for example, large exhibition structures, as well as small information booths can be enabled. Using the Octanorm exhibition stands stands can be achieved by 3x3m row and corner stands and 8x4m. The smaller stand sizes can be combined with each other and assembled into larger bases. The mobile exhibition stands by LA CONCEPT consist of individual components of the mobile presentation systems. Individual mobile stands can be combined with folding displays, rollup displays, brochure stands and racks. Folding displays represent a large advertising space on which the advertising message can be positioned. With rollup displays more compact spaces can be positioned on the booth space-saving and eye-catching. At the same time, the mobile presentation systems serve as equipment for the exhibition systems.... Continue reading
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Biography His son, William George Bailey Jones, born the same day a bomb scare at Seattle Grace while her husband was in surgery with Dr. Derek Shepherd, having crashed his car on the way to the hospital in chapter (It's the end of the world as we know, a compilation of two episodes). George O'Malley helped her labor, and thanked him by naming her son William George Bailey Jones (although it is nicknamed "Tuck" for his father). Bailey stayed with Cristina during her pregnancy convalescence and recovery, she also took Izzie's hand when he was donating bone marrow for hija.Cirujana about her patients and committed. At the end of season 2 and beginning of season 3, Bailey considered becoming a mother and continue her career as a surgeon.Her professional staff confidence was shaken when Izzie Stevens cut Denny's LVAD wire Denny Duquette and subsequently died after his heart transplant, Bailey felt that she had no control of its inmates, and that the incident was ultimately his fault. She was criticized by the events in an assembly M M (morbidity and mortality) in "Oh, The Guilt, when journalists questioned him directly about his career and motherhood. While his confidence is somewhat restored since then, she still feels bad about not spending enough time with your child, once the song is singing "God Bless the Child" to a cell phone. Disillusioned by how little she can help patients as a surgeon, Bailey decided to open a free clinic at Seattle Grace Hospital in the middle of season 3. She encountered difficulties in obtaining the support of surgeons, but after talking with the head, managed to obtain their agreement to work and open the clinic there.The Memorial Clinic Denny Duquette was opened, paid for the 8.7 million bequeathed to Izzie Denny Duquette, and... Continue reading
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It conserves your car in good state go Here to some advice so that your car is in good state. 1) Much attention. It is important to verify the air pressure of the rims (including spare parts) with regularity, since will help you to the security as well as to reduce the fuel consumption and to increase the life utility of the tires. The pressure of the tires must be verified when they are cold (fixed during at least three hours daily) and you do not use them if retreadings have been repaired or, because it will be to you more difficult to control them when trips at high speeds. 2) Periodic control of your car. It reviews the oil of your motor, the liquid of refrigeration, brakes and the levels of water frequently. Asegrate of which all the recommended weekly controls in the manual have been realised and of which there is not warning of the car and the indicator of lights. 3) The maintenance of your vehicle. Asegrate from which your car receives the regular service. This will help you in questions of security as well as in the long term to prolong the life utility of your car and in the saving of money. 4) Rules for the conduction. Before advancing it verifies the wiring, the lights and enlistment as well as the tires and the pressure to which they are (the ideal is that they are around 40 PSI). 5) If you travel of long way. It shares the handling of the car with another person, avoids to lead at night. It can be a great idea that you take siestas from 15 to 20 minutes if you are tired or you tired. It changes of the conduction each hour and a half. 6) Safe conduction... Continue reading
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However, it is possible to study selectively those relevant processes of societies that have shaped human history and beyond today. For purposes of course there will be a thematic rather than chronological, on the cultural legacies of the different human groups, the relationship with the resources and their socio-economic development and the geographical antiquities auction environment where they evolved. In analyzing those legacies that have become basic cultural institutions. II. OBJECTIVES A.General: Develop in students a historical overview and comprehensive in nature and artistic critique of the cultural dynamics of human societies, and the most relevant and invaluable contributions that have become antiquities for sale key institutions for present and future. B. Specific: 1. Study the most important cultural events of world history. 2. Recognize cultural differences and the contributions of different groups of people in the art and the construction of contemporary societies. 3. Develop in students the knowledge of the culture, art, society, civilization and its various concepts and management. 4. Analyzing the artistic as authentic expressions of every age and culture. 5. Understanding the links between art and history with the currents. 6.Develop student-practice methodologies such as research, writing and speaking, interviews, exhibitions, field trips, etc.. III. THEMATIC CONTENT 1. Chapter: Conceptual Framework a. Definition, components and dimensions of culture and art. b. Culture and society. Culture and civilization. Culture and art. c. History, historiography and cultural heritage. d. History and the History of Culture and the Arts. 2. Chapter: Prehistoric Cultures and the Origin of a. The human race and its primary ethnic groups or trunk. b. Theories about the settlement and dispersal of human groups. c. The first primitive cultures: oolitic and Paleolithic. d. The rock art in the Paleolithic and Neolithic, and the origin of the first agrarian societies and urban areas. 3.Chapter: Ancient... Continue reading
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Ryue Nishizawa Ryue Nishizawa (Tokyo 1966) is a Japanese architect. He graduated in Architecture from Yokohama National University and earned a master's degree in 1990. After finishing his studies, he collaborated in the study of "Kazuyo Sejima Associates, in 1995 becoming one of the founders of a new agency (SANAA, Sejima Nishizawa) along with his boss who had been so far, Kazuyo Sejima. However, not satisfied with the achievements carried out by "healthy", Ryue decided to supplement their work by opening his own architectural practice in 1997, the "Office Ryue Nishizawa. In 2000 was hired as a visiting professor at Harvard Design School, USA, for one year, because in 2001 he joined as assistant professor at Yokohama National University in the area of architecture and design. Continue reading
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Reconceptualization of the Virtual Enterprise Concept Dr. Salvador Gilberto Sotres Arevalo Given the advances of information technologies and telecommunications, and particularly the Internet, the concept limited to the decade of the 80 s is obsolete, giving way to a reconceptualization of the concept of "virtual company" in the twenty-first century, as follows: "The virtual enterprise is a software system that operates on the Internet, he can make decisions using algorithms previously designed for the purpose and that with this technology partnership, the concept is intrinsic to an enterprise, which changes the paradigms of organization, work, production, marketing and legal framework. " (Sotres Arevalo, Salvador Gilberto, Dr. - in his work: "The virtual enterprise. A new paradigm in contemporary management - Virtual Administration Theory." Ed Tatevari Ediciones, SA de CV, Mexico, 2007).Although virtualization is the imminent development of the contemporary company of the future. The virtual enterprise is a term that every day becomes more familiar to our senses, through the media and the marketer, but what is really the virtual enterprise To answer this question, we will discuss the contemporary virtual enterprise has its origins from the shamrock organization proposed by Charles Handy in his book "The age of unreason" in 1989, in the states that, "Organizations used to be considered like giant pieces of engineering, with human parts largely interchangeable. We speak of its structures and its systems, inputs and outputs, resource control and administration, as if the total were a large factory. Today day, the language is not engineering but of politics, we speak of cultures and networks of teams and coalitions, of influence or power rather than control.In this regard we note that Handy spoke of a paradigmatic view of current globalization, however, anticipated the need for new forms of business organizations. Handy (1989) defines "shamrock organization"... Continue reading
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Rocket fuel and NEXT AUDIENCE now together look after online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry. Hamburg, 02.09.2013 - rocket fuel, the leading platform for programmatic media buying, which leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and serve now NEXT AUDIENCE, Hamburg-based technology provider for data-driven online marketing, online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry together. In the global cooperation the NEXT AUDIENCE SinnerSchrader subsidiary performs the data-driven ad serving and acts as a data management platform (DMP). NEXT AUDIENCE collects, aggregates and joins customer-specific data from the onsite newsletter - and media use, as well as the CRM and delivers targeted dynamic advertising based on certain profile logics. Rocket fuel sits on the profile logics of NEXT AUDIENCE, it is enriched with additional data and improves the media control based on previously agreed KPIs based on additional algorithms. Rocket fuel offers the technical platform, the media shopping optimized through real-time bidding inventory sources. We are pleased about the partnership and the future cooperation with next audience. In our two senses it, data-driven programmatic buying of the German media landscape is to bring closer and we are looking forward to more joint campaigns,"Oliver sleeve explains managing director rocket fuel Germany. This global cooperation with our 360-degree data aggregation, advertisers are can address significantly more economically relevant ranges. NEXT AUDIENCE allows to its customers to use their own CRM data, without needing to share their data for the campaign level"it, adds Torsten Ahlers, CEO of NEXT AUDIENCE. Both companies are represented in Cologne this year with a booth at the dmexco on 18 and 19 September. About rocket fuel rocket fuel offers the leading programmatic media buying platform that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, to improve your marketing ROI. Rocket fuels powerful advertising... Continue reading
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Professor Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall): Science of biological evolution, a graduate of London University with Honors. Now is dedicated to researching and teaching in the Central Metropolitan University in the department of zoology. Always prefers fossils to live animals. He likes to relax with a good whiskey and listen to the music of Joy Division. Believes there is intelligent life anywhere in the world, but not in the heads of the rulers. He is recognized as one of the eminences of their field. His wife, Helen, disappeared mysteriously 8 years ago. Stephen Hart (James Murray): It was the junior shooting Olympic champion, but I leave everything to study Natural History. It is an active defender of wildlife and hunting. She loves running and a fan of Leeds United. Never has a love disappointment he had with a student. Cree that humanity is destroying the environment grow disproportionately leaving industrialization. Claudia Brown / Jennyfer Lewis (Lucy Brown): Claudia Brown works at the Ministry of Science and Technology, having studied law at university. He promised for the method two years, but broke a month before the wedding and since then has had no more love tangle, is a son of his former partner. She loves horseback riding, dancing and cooking. A abs hobby that has always had a secret has been let go to work and travel the world by boat. He feels attracted to Nick Cutter. After returning from a visit to the Permian, Nick Cutter returns to present a different andalusia who knew where Claudia does not exist, but soon joins the team after a woman who is exactly like her. This calls Jennyfer Lewis. Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt): zoologist and save the London Zoo. Since he was on vacation in the Galapagos Islands when I was a little girl... Continue reading
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Start with the product, known to us today under the name Windows xp, was laid in the far end of 1988, when then-not a corporation, but simply, Microsoft has begun to develop a new line of operating systems - Windows nt. At that time, for the soul Bill Gates has been the interpreter Basic, dos and graphical add-on it Windows (at number two versions). Details can be found by clicking Budweiser or emailing the administrator. What are the goals set for themselves the developers of twenty years ago when that Gates believed that at all about all pc enough for 640 kb, learn now is difficult. However, do know that the planned new hardware platform, os / 2 (they thought that developing the floor) was to be the processor Intel i860. These details would not be interesting, do not carry aforesaid processor code-named N10, from which, in fact, occurred the most famous symbol to date of the family 'windows. Additional information is available at Derek Jeter. " Ironically, no system of nt family never was put on the i860. The main principle of NT-family as a result became the principle of code portability (the ability to compile code for different platforms). As examples of os with high portability of code were taken Unix and now forgotten Mach. From them, the family took over more and nt the principle of separation of address spaces between the processors. And most importantly, nt did not require dos. The first full-fledged Windows nt 3.0 was released in 1993. And he did not revolution. For a long time the family was almost thrown Microsoft's fate - its way out update version replaces the each other, while gaining the power of the corporation is actively promoted in the market is still dependent on the dos line... Continue reading
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Sometimes breaking even amenable to well-known companies and servers banks. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Budweiser. A common misconception among users about this: hackers attack only network where you can somehow profit, and ordinary lamer they are not interested is not so. Recently, more and more hacking exposed just home computers connected to the Internet. After all, it's easier to go unnoticed and to avoid professional liability. An attack could come from within and from spyware, penetrated a computer, such as investments in a letter from an unknown spammer. How to protect against misfortune. Prevent theft of confidential information and use your computer to send spam, attack other computers can be a firewall - called a firewall. He is able to not only make your computer invisible to hackers, but also monitor all incoming and outgoing data streams and to prevent any hostile actions before they cause real harm. Others who may share this opinion include Legatum. Therefore, protection is better to use a firewall-ly known developers. For example, Outpost Firewall, Kaspersky Anti-Hacker. As an anti-virus is fine Avast Home latest version. He, in contrast to fire-ox is free Measures precautions. Your browser privacy level - 'medium' and better 'moderately high'. Internet Explorer / Cep-vis / Internet Options / Privacy. If at any sai those you offer some kind of computer to download Nasva program, praising it as the best, discard. As a rule, reliable resources, propagating ing free and paid software, provide direct links to the authors of the programs and point to the fact that all programs are updated . If the link leads to sharing, there is no guarantee that the download program trustworthy. Never open files received poelektronnoy-mail from someone unknown, especially if the attached file - rar or ZIP-archive. Continue reading
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And bring them to science lessons useful in soft pouch with a zipper. However, where computers are not available - at recess or vehicles carrying children to school, your brain will provide a variety of puzzles. Simple and sophisticated, they fit easily in your pocket and always ready to help pass the time usefully. The game of "barley-break, the task of which is located 15 squares with the numbers in order, was born a few centuries ago. However, despite his "advanced" age, it remains an entertaining, not only for toddlers but for older students. According to Christopher Chandler, who has experience with these questions. From board games child can give a mini-version of basketball, a maze, or loved by all "Tic-tac-toe." At the same time for the game in the past did not even need paper and pen: plastic figures are arranged in special cavities gift boxes. Learning and educational games - an important part of school education, however well-organized recreation helps them to recover strength for new employment. In the evening after school or on weekends in children is enough time that they want to spend as much as possible interesting. Why do not they try their hand at the art show is the focus? Sets with "magical" objects to help kids surprise their friends and parents, and Detailed instructions will make any trick available to even novice "The Illusionist." Of course, all of the above items the list of gifts is not limited. Their selection should take into account the nature of the child, his hobbies, temperament, small weakness. To deepen your understanding Derek Jeter is the source. Someone who likes to read, some prefer computer games and learning, and for someone the best incentive to learning is the prospect of a bright and bustling holiday. And yet... Continue reading
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But at the same time it could be said that any concern for a human sector in particular, as in the song, is an implicit concern by all mankind. Does not deny the humanism of Neruda, but it is said that you holding a special type of humanism. This humanism is based on the redemption of the class or category of the exploited, subordinated or alienated or if you want to ninguneados in the case of Neruda the American man. In Marxist theory, humanism focuses on the class that assumes the exploitation and suffering of humanity; the proletariat, and from there to redeem himself frees or done to humanity. In Neruda, this proletariat takes on the dimension of the American man, original and mestizo, whose vicissitudes are extrapolated to other humanity as a whole, which expands and inhabits what here in the North, is called the South, and that is the vast periphery, separated in standard of living and opportunities to the metropolis that is opposed in an asymmetrical relationship unsalvageable. But that in your desalienacion you redeem also their exploiters, humanizing both. At the beginning of the first part of Canto General, and within the first section, love America, we can warn a State of things edenico, paradise, before of the arrival of the conquerors: before the wig and the jacket. This idyllic state of affairs is characterized by the original communion between man and nature, a how permanent and repeated, so established cultural myth that although it touches the limits of the cliche is a transcendental and urgent vindictive horizon: Earth man was, Crock, eyelid / quivering mud, clay form / was Caribbean, chibcha stone Crock. The keys were lost, or flooded of silence or blood fell a red drop into the dense / and a land lamp... Continue reading
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For a long time in order to expedite their movement and transport cargo, people used animals. Yet at the end of the last century futurists predicted that in future the city will be inundated with tons of horse manure. However, the reality was quite different - now larger cities filled with millions of cars. Creating your first car dates back to the eighteenth century, it undertook in 1769 a French inventor of Kyuno names. The attempt was not very successful, but in the next century, cars have taken rightful place on city streets. Today we are accustomed to the fact that cars use gasoline. In fact, vehicles with internal combustion engines do not immediately became the standard. In the early automobile era, the majority of vehicles were equipped with steam engines. Were also distributed car with an electric motor. When they were created cars with internal combustion engines, First they conceded cars with a steam engine for speed and other parameters. However, to 20m years of the 20th century, they won the competition. Significant contribution to the rise of the automobile industry, introduced by Henry Ford. Using new pipelined method of production, he filled the America their cars. But a few mistakes made by him in the organization of production has led to the firm of Ford could not hold a leading position. In addition to a normal car, to which we are all accustomed to, many designers have made many attempts to build various unusual cars. Among them - the amphibian car (some of them even swam across the English Channel) flying cars, cars with different engines, alternative, etc. Attempts to change habitual car is still going on. Well-known companies are attempting to design the cars on the alternative fuel, cars, computer controlled, and to make other interesting innovations. Continue reading
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Moreover, in terms of , a reliance on comic folk culture not only contradicted the humanist ideals of Rabelais, but rather in harmony with them and even helped their promotion as' carnival spirit is a deep foundation of Renaissance literature. " As noted by in his book 'Art of Francois Rabelais and the folk culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance' 'No matter how scattered, disconnected and isolated individual' private 'body and things - the realism of the Renaissance, not circumcised umbilical cord that connects them with generating a body of land and the people. For example, the 'rehabilitation of the flesh', characteristic of humanity, and srodstvenna correlated with the 'grotesque conception of the body', with a predominance of 'material bodily principle of life "inherent in popular culture. Comic folk culture, as ancient, archaic by its origins, nevertheless anticipated some of the fundamental philosophical concepts that are specific to modern times. During the Renaissance, the indestructible hierarchical vertical medieval official representation of space ('The Great Chain of Being') replaced the historic horizontal: movement in time. In the grotesque concept of the body is going through the formation, in the popular-festive games, the subject of which was a fun course time, was born a new sense of life and historical understanding of the progress of mankind '. Wed in the text of the book : 'And so grotesque images to their essential relation to the time change and their ambivalence become the primary means of artistic and ideological expressions of a powerful sense of history and historical change, which is the exclusive power has awakened in the Renaissance. . Continue reading
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All more difficult age, however executed with precision for this man and its teams! They were not gotten tired, to make optimum! The population could count on good roads, and the intelligence of this Sir whom it knows as nobody of the localization of each Street of Passo Fundo, each Mouth of wolf, Canalization of the CORSAN, as well as any another reference that if can search. The relation man the man if gave in reason of the credibility conquered with work and allegiance. Today, what one hears for the patio of the City hall is Homesicknesses! Homesicknesses of a team leader that knew as none another one to manage what he is public! Homesicknesses of one intelligent Sir and nor therefore incapable to recognize in its men values that could add in the work in team. Its capacity to interact with employee the age of form, - one in such a way brusque one - but that it denoted protection. Each poke of ears represented an advice. It could call the attention commanded its, but, if he made it to another one would have to understand itself with this paizo! Nobody called the attention its men. Not in the front of it. Work was an honor question. The value of servers happened with naturalness for this leader who if made to respect for who wants that it is! Deep expert of its attributions had in its brain a central office of data to give envy any one. Penalty that men as it seems not to exist Because one was even easy to substitute it the basic services of a secretariat would not be the chaos that is today! The incumbency of this joust and deserved homage fit me, and looks at that I do not know it personally, but... Continue reading
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Planning of the interview, defining the objectives, methods and environments where they will be applied. Through reports I contend the synthecized information, of each candidate, I contend the main factor that resulted in its choice. Through email or phone call, being thankful the participation in the process and informing the result of the same. Chase Koch is actively involved in the matter. The selective process elaborated potencializa well the results of the organization, therefore the professional adds its strong points, while the company creates chances to develop its fragile points. When if he carries through a selective process of professionalized form, beyond being intent to the level of the knowledge of the professional in the area where he will go to act, one also evaluates its behavior and temperament front to some situations. The group dynamics is one of the main stages of a selective process and also in evaluation of career (promotion). It has for purpose ' ' peneirar' ' candidates who more do not possess the profile indicated for the vacant (the qualifications techniques they are not in the objective of this evaluation). The search of ' has as main goal; ' certain man for the place certo' ' Very it is used in companies of medium and great transport, national and multinationals, the dynamic of group and the games can evaluate a roll of requirements, as much the training level, promotion, as in the staff election, the evaluated requirements more are: LEADERSHIP and MOTIVATION (capacity to direct people, being assured the level of motivation of these people, searching to reach the considered levels); CREATIVITY (to create is to have the capacity to get new and adequate situations, with originalidade in the contributions); FLEXIBILITY (it is the capacity of an individual in adapting it the situations, as much... Continue reading
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We united if it in a single they would be expressed basic concepts both: the own happiness, the one of the other and the preservation of the individuality. The certain thing is that in thousands of books and songs it is spoken of the love and is hired like the purest emotion, nevertheless end up mixing the concepts of love and desire, which generates erroneous expectations about the same, especially to the new generations. It is important to clarify that the idea of the love not always has to be united to the one of stable pair. Hardly a century ago, the marriage like institution, destined to maintain economic and social an order and to provide a solid familiar frame, did not have anything to do with the love. The rolls to play well were described and delimited. Nobody it called to deceits about which the married success had to be sustained by the magical force of the love. If this occurred, were accidentally addition to the relation but like main factor not to maintain the relation. The love of cuts romantic, that one that refuses to see the defects of the other and to subvalue the difficulties, is not an insuring policy of the stability and own happiness, nor of the pair. The love has to imply respect towards the other and one same one. It must provide an equitable relation. It cannot be a dependency form, and like any other feeling, he is subject of a development process. Its maintenance requires of effort, will and common sense, and why no? , of certain dose of shrewdness, initiative and of the good humor, in order to maintain the illusion and desire alive. Here I arrive, to that I consider, is the most important part of this article: Nothing of... Continue reading
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Ball factory machine is of cement, coal, metallurgy, electricity, such as ceramic industry basic manufacturing equipment.Most current company USES regular and set engine or sliding velocity engine-driven dance factory, there are start-up problems, poor operating efficiency, milling date time, drive use more flaws.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD. Developed switched reluctance motor velocity control of energy-saving, to replace the existing regular engine or sliding velocity engine to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of the impact crusher. The dance factory and working principle and state the same mechanics and furnace, drying drum like the industrial and mining companies and the chemical company joint production facilities, production by the same problems that exist a ball factory cannot be very good option, if using switched reluctance motor speed of this technology will essentially address the above issue, bringing a revolution in the technology sector, rewrite your industrial furnace oven on machinery electric drives the story. For some mining equipment, especially the vulnerable of fire, blast an accident in the mines using several mechanisms, require the use of flammable sound of lubricant (resistance of liquid-fuel), cannot be used in flammable petroleum.The adaptation of the requirements for the sealing grease is better, that closing sections corrupted. The present on the ball factory, the crusher in coal pulverizers and so on device type equipment lubrication of main method for start lubricating and artificial lubricants.Oil Group logo is the most used Lube of some kind of lubricating technique, it is the active role of small equipment called the oil group, by rotating a small equipment up with lubricant, through the transmission grid more Lube of passive dance factory large equipment, this method is not only not grease lubricating dosage check, also to the environmental pollution by the operation of. The functioning of the mines have hub... Continue reading
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What route the new philosophers must take? The philosophy can be important in such a way for the private scope how much publishes for it? It will be that we must continue to spend efforts conjecturando on the transcendental existence of something or must abandon this pretension and in them to come back toward questions politics arguing ethical and values to be conserved, to stimulate actions directed toward reduction of the suffering of the other, for the language in order to try to understand a little more good the diverse nomenclatures with that we describe our lives, and histories that count on the way covered for our species tie here, with intention to take decisions that not only lead in account in exactly? In relation when linguajar of the philosopher and the ways to display its thoughts, the philosopher must keep its cultured language or must try to come close itself to ' ' povo' '? The philosopher of century XXI must limit it to only write books or can launch hand of resources as the social Internet and its nets? If the philosopher does not run away the contingencies from its time believes that these two you finish questions are pertinent to argue the type of relation and communication that the philosopher of century XXI must have with the members of the society or of the social nets the one that has access. These are some questions that can appear for that they take serious the contemporaries and that already they had lost the hope in the Metaphysical philosophy/. The paper of the philosopher in century XXI still is uncertain, fits to the philosophers at this moment if to strengthen to find a way that if adjusts the contingencies of its time, a way or several that they make... Continue reading
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Among the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Gatchina, occupies a special place. Appearance of the palace and park ensemble of the xviii century in Gatchina unique. His originality - in the expanse of lakes: White, Silver and Black, which became the foundation of the ensemble, in low-key beauty of northern nature, organically merged with a variety of architectural buildings: palaces, pavilions, gates, bridges, obeliskami.Esche in xv century there existed Seltso Hotchin. By the beginning of xviii century it was Grange called Gatchina. In 1712, Peter 1 gave this manor to his sister . In 1756, the owners of Gatchina became a favorite of Catherine ii Count Grigory Orlov. For the construction of the Grand Palace (1766-1781) was invited to the architect Antonio Rinaldi. On the White and Silver Lake defeated the English Garden - the first landscaped park in 1780 .V owner of Gatchina became the Grand Duke, with 1796 - Emperor Paul 1. Landscaped areas of the Palace of the park complemented Pridvortsovye and Botanical Gardens, as well as the site of Sylvia to the north-west of England sada.V end of the xviii century on the shores of Black Lake Priory built a palace, gave its name to the park hosted here. To the north of the Palace Park Zoo held a vast territory, intended for the court hunting. The total area of the Gatchina parks around 700 hectares. Parks severely damaged during the Nazi occupation of Gatchina in 1941-1944. So far, no heal the wounds of war in Priory Park and the menagerie. Continue reading
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The discovery of America inserts in the context of ancien regimen, that is, in the period of called history Modern Age. At this time, the economy of base of Spain was the woollen exportation, however, this commerce brought lesser resources each time. ' ' monarchs catlicos' ' , Fernando and Isabel felt that they would have to play a role in the new world and that they could not be financed by its needy peasants and nor for the creators of sheep. On the other hand, the Europeans had always considered the maritime trips one badly necessary one, a way to reach the El Dorado, the lendria gold city. The conditions for Columbus and other conquerors were ready who had come after it. What it explains the fact of Columbus and nobody more to have the determination to undertake this trip? Some elements as - courage, stubbornness, as much knowledge and until a little of ignorance if added to this man and none another one. Its determination was surprising as well as its power of persuation so that it they left to follow its way. With the advent of the press, in the Europe a series of production of books and pamphlets had beginning: Bibles, books of prodigals and books of monsters, classics and workmanships of astronomy and astrology (without definite separation). Histories of real or imaginary trips were very popular. The livroViagens of Sir John Mondeville and the stories of Marco Polo of its trip to China were repeated printed times. One another workmanship, the Imago Mundi (image of the world) was one of bedside books of Cristvo Columbus. These books had been studied by it, that much was influenced by these readings. Imago Mundi, of Pierre Cardinal d' Ailly. It describes the land in admirable scientific terms. Its... Continue reading
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This author distinguishes the nature world subjected to forms of the spirit and apriori therefore, subjected to rigorous and rational laws of the Kingdom's history. The world of human activity not subject to laws, but governed by the principle of freedom. Subsequently other philosophers established the historical method exposed mainly by Ricket, who formulated the distinction between nature (everything that exists without the intervention of man) and the best way to study it is the generalized conceptualization. For Ricket to nature it is subordinate to universal facts. Instead the world of culture which is the other side of reality, involves the intervention of man and therefore the appropriate method, historical method characterized by the individualistic conceptualization (does not seek to formulate universal laws, but what is own of every being). This position does not conform to many philosophers and sociologists even formulated by another category (within the methods spiritualists). Thus appears a conception which in addition to formulating the distinction between natural sciences and Sciences of the spirit, States that the object of the natural sciences is the explanation while the object of spiritual science is the understanding. The spiritual Sciences studying the behaviour of a man who pursues a purpose; It says that we can only understand them through intuition, phenomenological method. Its main representative is Husserl. For natural sciences, are science in fact as presented to the experience. Spiritual science are linked to an idea or an act that does know the essence. The method proposed in this author is the essential intuition, that allows you to intuitively capture the essence of the phenomenon and describe it. The authors argue that sociology and other social sciences can not be conceived as one science and that the relationship cause and effect of the natural world, not you can be... Continue reading
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