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I agree with the first comment. From what I have heard Reznor say so far he has basically been complaining about the marketing efforts that need to go into promoting and album and a tour. I currently work in marketing, though in the b2b sector and i find it that no matter how specific or technical or seemingly inaccessible your product is, there is always something digital agency that will be happy to take the contract and do a thorough job in promoting it. I can perfectly understand why a musician might want to focus on what he does best, namely making music, but what I don't understand is why it needs to be a record company that has to take over the rest of the tasks in today's heavily digitized environment. Especially in Reznor 's case, why not knock on the door of your average digital creative agency and make a contract as you would if you were selling soap? :-) Compared to some of the stuff that people sell and promote online nowadays, music is actually not that hard. Especially when you already have a community to build on, as is the case with Reznor.
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Dec 12, 2012