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Time to Be Happy Happiness today is relevant to our time. How do you spend your time? Do you find the time to spend doing things that make you happy? Do you have the quality time that you would like with your family? Happiness starts with time management. You must make the time to enjoy the things that make you happy. Look at each daily task. How much time do you have in a day? How much time do you spend sleeping? How much time do you spend going to and from work? How much time at work? How much time do you spend on entertainment? How much of your time is spent in family activities? Sit down and write them out so you may analyze each item. What is most important to your happiness? There are many responsibilities that we must accomplish in each day. If our time is spent efficiently in every aspect of our day, we can find the time to enjoy each day. Now that you have found the time to be happy what will you do? Lasting happiness is found in two areas of our life. The spiritual is an area that can not be left out of your life. It envelops inner peace and self fulfillment of hopes and dreams. At times, spiritual happiness can be shared and needs to be shared. Often this happiness is all about you. What your dreams require to be accomplished can lead you to separate yourself from others at times. Time for ones' self can often be time by ones' self. It is not a selfish act but a self fulfilling act. Spend time getting to know yourself and then be true to yourself. Seek happiness within yourself and not let your happiness be dependent upon someone else. Now the physical area of happiness in your life. The relationships in your life and connections even in your work contribute to the physical well being of your life. That loved one that you hug, that you cook for, that you take care of brings you physical happiness. When your job becomes enjoyable by being challenging and rewarding it too can bring physical happiness. Physical happiness brings others into your life. It is shared happiness. I find happiness in a sunny day. Watching squirrels play. Seeing a laughing child at play. I am happy in a good book. For me it is crime novels and motivational writers. I am happy with the LADY I love in a quiet moment just snuggling up listening to smooth jazz. I have been told that I enjoy my food. I guess that is a happiness for me also. I am happiest when I laugh. Laugh until I cry. Oh how I love to laugh. I am happier when I have helped someone in need because GOD has blessed me and how can I not give back. What makes you happy? What has influenced me the most are the questions that we ask in life. What do you want in life? What do you need in life? In my website: I try to bring people to see what is truly important. Most people just want to be happy but never make the time to enjoy their happiness. Time can never be saved but our memories can. Let your memories be of happy times. Article Source: Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at My Daily Walk with GOD
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May 24, 2010
via May the LORD always guide and keep you. Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at My Daily Walk with GOD
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May 24, 2010