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... this story reminds me of the days of Awasum jonathan who claimed to be the decendant of martin Luther king and wanted to revolutionise the PCC. By the time he vamoosed from cameroon and abandoned his followers his atrocities were unveiled. Lets watch this new blood for sometime. I think its too early to make conclusions.
Stinkenmueller or whoever you call yourself. I can smell the blood of Hitler in you. Who do you think you are? Have you not seen anything constructive about Cameroon to write on ? Why don´t you tell us something about "penners" sleeping on the streets and begging all over Germany? Maybe you will say they are also from Buea! You will carry this same attitude of yours to the German Media. All images about Africa on German Television is that of misery and hunger. I know your grandmother indoctrinated you to hate blacks and the gene is still in you. Tell the German press how welcoming we are, tell them nobody stops you on the street to "Ausweissen" (Identification),tell them that we are not hungry and desperate, tell them that everyway you go you meet smiling faces, just tell them how wonderful Afrika (Cameroon) is. In your country Afrika is a country! I am expecting to read an article from you in one of the German "Zeitungen". When you do that, make sure you specify the paper; "Schwein". I am suprised that the post could even publish an article with German English like yours. Maybe because you are whiteman!
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2007 on Taxis And Buea at Up Station Mountain Club