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Sean Martinson
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Scott, you continue to amaze me in the content and quality of writings that you've been posting since your start. I've heard your name and this site referenced in two workshops over the past week alone! Thank you again for your postings, as a future administrator I'm looking forward to follwing The Gate. Sincerely, Sean Martinson
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2007 on At the Schoolhouse Gate at Dangerously Irrelevant
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Mark, awesome. You comment that, "what if the risks of NOT blogging begin to exceed the risks OF blogging?". I believe and hope that we are on our way there. I also appreciate how you talk about not hearing the positive, but they are out there. During your writing I couldn't help think back to Scott's posting on the 1% doctrine. My guess is that much the same holds true for the negatives of blogging, or should I say the perceived negatives of blogging. I have run across few credible or worth while blogs that have been over run by the negative.... I think it's much as you say about a "sense of community awareness and even sympathy from others". We're communicating in a whole new world, and guess what, we're catching on pretty quick. :-) Sincerely, Sean M.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2007 on Blogging Disincentives - Overblown? at LeaderTalk