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Boise, Idaho, USA
I craft, I bake, I knit, I scrap, and sometimes, I even parent my three growing teenagers!
Interests: About me: I graduated from the University of Miami in 1997 with a double BS degree (ha) in Marine Science & Biology, and a minor in Chemistry. (I'd have minored in Math & Spanish as well, but there was no room in my schedule since I graduated in three years.) After that, I headed north to the St. Petersburg/Tampa area to work on my Ph.D. in shark feeding ecomorphology with Dr. Philip J. Motta. (That man is AMAZING, btw. And if you're inclined to Google-Image him, he's the one in the SCUBA gear, obviously.) ANYway, a year and a half into my Ph.D. work, I decided I just didn't have the passion for it that I'd thought I did; that is, for the publish or perish, constantly out to sea, high divorce rate lifestyle that came with the whole she-bang. And so, tearfully, I decided to leave the program. I received a LOT of flak for it, too, because Dr. Motta's lab is le crème de la crème and difficult to get into, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted to get married, have a family, and devote myself to that. So I left. I started, with Dr. Motta's suggestion, to get a Master's in Science Education, so I could teach. A friend in Phil's lab said to me, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." It was devastating for me to hear that from him, as if I were incapable. I was fully capable and did a lot of great work in the lab, but my heart was elsewhere. So pbbbbth to that notion! And then, I took a sabbatical so I could earn the money to continue my education. I worked at the law office where I had worked between college and grad school, and it was then that I quite accidentally met my husband online. A friend had urged me to place a profile on a dating website, American Singles, but I'd strongly resisted. He, being successful at it, persisted, until I finally relented and posted an ad with all my faults. Everything negative I could think of about myself, I put on that profile. Rob, my future husband, read it and found it hilarious. I found him equally hilarious, and intelligent, and I knew, from his first message to me, that I was going to marry that guy. Two months after that first email, we eloped! Now, 17 years later, I'm homeschooling our 16yo Chloë, 14yo Jack, and12yo Sophia. We're also mum and dad to our angel baby and Jack's identical twin, Robby. And 4 cats. And 2 dogs. And 2 gerbils. And 2 guinea pigs. And half a dozen crazy egg-layin' chickens, in our big backyard in Boise, Idaho. When I'm not busy doing all of that, I'm a glorified mystery shopper and Young Living Essential Oils enthusiast. (If you've an interest in top-shelf essential oils, check me out at! Other than the many health problems from which I suffer, I wouldn't change a thing for the whole world. I love my family! ♥
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Bev - so do I! LOL! Though I usually do it outside, but that makes me feel bad for the environment. ~M
Gal - Maybe youre right. Shes very specific about what she wants, too: no minis, no teensies, only classic size. And she prefers dogs and cats (go figure). Its difficult to find ones I can afford that will get here on time! ~M
Stacy - Yes, exactly! My son gave up all his LEGO City stuff a few years ago, claimed he was no longer interested in LEGO at all (in which hed had a rabid interest), and then recently, he bought himself, off Amazon... a LEGO set for Christmas. Really?!! ~M
Hey, y'all. Pretty interesting week here for me. Long ago, after we first moved to Idaho in March 2017, I read that a lot of people with Lyme disease and autoimmune diseases - as I have both - find that... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Smellyann Strikes Again
Hey, guys! It's been a hectic couple of weeks since I (think I) last posted, so I've missed y'all. I'm just going to jump into it today, before the busyness picks up again, lest I miss out. Link up here... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Kwizzy - that was good enough! ;) lol ~ Melanie
LOL Lori! You mustve done well enough in high school! Essential oils are soooo mmmmm :D ~ Melanie
Hey CountryDew - I had forgotten all about Whos Who until I wrote this post, too! It wasnt my most salient achievement, I guess. ;) As for the burn story... what bothers me the most about it now, at this age, is that my kids all know a lot of these kinds of stories and obviously dont want to have much of a relationship with my dad. It just saddens me that they dont have the kind of grandparents that I was so lucky to have. Yknow? ~ Melanie
Stacy - Yeah, my dad is a huge asshole. After I got out of the Christian Science cult at 20yo, I had the realization that my father would probably die alone and unloved. Hes now 76 and looking for wife #7. So yes, broke and desperately alone, just as I predicted... and probably deservedly so. Thanks for the props! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, freckleface! ;) ~ Melanie
Hey, pals! So did I tell you my girls and I have started a new premium, eco-conscious candle company? Well, here's a sneak preview of some of our offerings, but like I think I mentioned in Saturday 9 yesterday. we... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Gal - Weve had three bunnies previously, but they did not respond to their names as far as I can remember (its been a while). So it probably doesnt really matter what Jack decides to call Bugs, at least to the bunny, anyway! ~Melanie
Thanks, Lori - and you as well! ~Melanie
kwizzy - I once bought all my SCUBA gear in fluorescent pink so that itd be easy to spot in the ocean if I were in trouble - certainly not because I loved the color! lol... so I get your orange luggage. Im getting a LOT of medical answers lately, and it seems to be boiling down to autoimmune disorders and bad genes. Yay! ;) ~Melanie
Hey, guys! How're you all doing this fine Friday evening/Saturday morning? I'm doing fairly well, although it has been an eventful week. As are they all. For instance: For my entire life, I have been dealing with all of my... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Gal - Its worth a try! And I ♥ that your cats name is Reynaldo. :D ~M
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2018 on Saturday 9: The Middle at Smellyann Strikes Again
G'day! We're flipping things Down Under today to see how the other half lives. Pandora of Australia wrote us 'Mericans a list of questions - checked amongst her friends for accuracy - to see what we'd be able to answer.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Lori - Regular white vinegar with the baking soda? We have done just a paste with the baking soda but I dont think weve done a solution w/ vinegar. Do you let it air dry? THanks! ~M
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2018 on Saturday 9: The Middle at Smellyann Strikes Again
Hiya! So this is last week's SS, but I didn't get a chance to participate, and I'm in a blogging mood right now, so here we go. Link up here if you want to play along last week! (heh. I... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Hey, folks! Welcome back! I feel like my blogging weeks run from Saturday 9 to Saturday 9 anymore, with very little time enjoyed in between on blogging. I hate that, but life with three teenagers going off in 17 different... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Stacy - I knowww!!! What, did they run out of smarty pants things for Sheldon to say?! Im so sad about it. But at least theres still Young Sheldon. ~M
Hey, y'all. Welcome back. My youngest, Sophia, and I drove 5 hours down to Salt Lake City from Boise yesterday (and back at night), for an appointment with my ME/CFS specialist, and on the way back we were treated with... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2018 at Smellyann Strikes Again
Gal - Yup, I get it. Makes complete sense. ~M
Lori - Oh shoot, I almost forgot about pumpkins! Thank goodness you reminded me. Its been a busy month! ~m
kwizzy - That sounds like a good idea. I usually play the ol dudes. Ill try that! ~M
CD - I havent either. Thank God. I hate them. ~M