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Debra Smith
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I read by flashlight, not under the covers, but against the wall. I lay on my side and pointed the light to the wall. LUCKILY, my sister was afraid of the dark, so sometimes I just sat in the closet and read for hours. My mom knew, but she did not mind. She remembers me reading for hours.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2011 on a cynical word about flashlights at Lowry Updates
I encourage my students to write about people, places, and objects that they are passionate about. I enjoy your blog because you are truly a WRITER. As you wrote about scissors, this is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I try over and over and over and over to explain to my writing students. As a published author, of course, you naturally know this. I am HOPING TO share this blog entree with my elementary students this Fall with your permission (hopefully you will give it).
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2011 on The jury is still out at Lowry Updates
I am laughing out loud, not because you are ill, of course, but because every thought you had, I share. I love electricity! Yes, Oprah loves to shout loudly and lord her life upon all of us! Why would anyone want to have many many many children in one house is beyond my understanding?!
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Dec 31, 2010