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"... and when it turns out to be one of those weather systems that has little or no effect on the melt, or even apparently increases extent, it's the most spectacular own goal in the history of ever." Not really. Tropical storms are often named and then fizzle out. And only a half dozen idiots? I wish!
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2013 on The Naming of Arctic Cyclones at Arctic Sea Ice
Using Inuit names shows great sensitivity to their feelings. But is it a little too politically correct? It sends out the wrong message, one that the deniers are pushing for all they're worth - that Arctic melting is important to those who live there, but isn't for the rest of us. Except that we now have new sea routes and can drill for oil there. Whereas a press release about, say, "Hurricane Monckton" could have a footnote about why it's been named after him, and all the lies he's told (the undisputable, provable and on-record ones, that is - we need to keep the high ground). That footnote would get repeated over and over, much to the discomfort of the Noble Lord.
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2013 on The Naming of Arctic Cyclones at Arctic Sea Ice
An easy life is a boring life. Homo Sapiens needs a good challenge, otherwise things go badly wrong - look at a typical rich kid if you don't believe me. We're setting things up for the biggest challenge our species has faced since we took on and licked (and then became) the top predators. It will probably be painful, but it certainly won't be boring. Those who can adapt best, those who can co-operate best, those who can see new solutions, will thrive. In the long term, the race will be greatly improved. Our grandchildren will spit on our graves; our great-to-the-tenth grandchildren (if they're among the survivors) will say "they didn't know what they were doing, but it all worked out pretty well."
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2013 on Perception of the Arctic at Arctic Sea Ice
My donation will have to wait a few days until I've put some cash into my Paypal account. Is yours going to be paypal-only as well, Neven? If so, I'll put enough in to cover both. I don't say much on here, but you're all very well worth listening to. Thanks a lot.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2013 on Dark Snow Project at Arctic Sea Ice
Lewis: Mass-loss from the Greenland Ice Cap - known feedbacks, including: - rising air temperatures; - rising extreme insolation; - rising precipitation; - rising fallout of soot and other particulates; - rising incidence of very large numbers of minor earth tremors. You missed one, I think. At the moment the GIS is over 2km high. As it melts, the top is brought down into lower, warmer, denser atmosphere. Which increases the melt... etc.
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Jan 17, 2012