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I wear glasses so switching to sunglasses is a royal pain, plus I'm sensitive to the sun. I have a great, washable, crushable hat that is also SPF rated and very cute, perfect for T-ball and baseball games (yes, I have two who play, t-ball and single-A). It's a little pricey, but I can wear it at the beach, with jeans, or with a dress. I also love some of the wide brimmed casual hats at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Some shapes work, others don't - I'm not sure why, but I know a great hat when I see it on. Just try a few and build up your courage!
Love the look - yes, I'd hem the dress above the knee. As for a cute dress to pair with a navy sweatshirt, I saw some very cute faux wrap dresses at Ann Taylor this week - 30% off!. I picked up one in white & black with 1/3rd sleeve (what is that length called) but it looks terrible online, absolutely adorable in person. Where do you find sweatshirts that are so... non-sweatshirty? Very cute.
Love the outfit - especially the brown tights and the cowboy boots. I have a great pair of cowboy boots that I rarely wear and should wear more often. The winner here is the dress with the layers - fun and dressed up, but totally practical. WOW!
I have a bright purple stretchy scoop neck top from Lola and a great v-neck soft purple Gap sweater that I love to pair together - I fold up the sweater sleeves so the Lola top peeks through, and then I throw on a chunky necklace to top it off. And one of my favorite (but non-mom friendly) monochromatics is cream pants with a winter white sweater. I will have to try the various blues in my wardrobe though, but I think I'd have to have some white peeking through somewhere!
I love the striped sock look, and the booties. I have a pair of inexpensive ankle books with a great chunky heel that I love for spring, especially with bootleg jeans. Living in New England, spring is usually so wet & muddy that having a bit of a heel makes navigating easier - plus it makes me feel a little dressier. As the weather warms, I switch to flats or loafers without socks.
Love the grey skinnies - though with the new spring colors, it's hard to stick with neutrals. But what to do when you don't live in a cold climate and/or as it starts to warm up? Jeans & layers won't cut it in July...
Love that tee any way you wear it... may have to add it to my Pinterest board! As for child #3, I am feelin' ya there. I'm 41, my youngest is almost 6, and I've wanted a 3rd since he was born. I know it in my bones. My hubby though is 51 and doesn't feel the same, but he's not dead set against it either. There's a lot in the way of #3 - money, jobs, his fear of my health issues. And going from 1 to 2 was hard, and hit us at a hard time. He thinks 3 will be the same, but I don't think so. So we'll wait and see. My opinion is to go for it, especially while they are young. The farther out you go, you get into activities, sports, music, etc. and you get your body back, no diapers & potty issues, more independence - and it's hard to imagine going back to sleepless nights. But oh, what I'd give for one more thud thud in my tummy as I sleep, a peaceful nap together after nursing, tiny little hands & first steps. It's like watching a flower unfold in slow-motion. Beautiful.
Not a working mom question but another one - with the heat wave in the northeast, I've had to break out shorts, which just seem so ... dumpy to me. No matter how I try to dress them up. I've resorted to being hot and wearing cute khakis rolled up or capris with fitted long or 3/4 length sleeve shirts pushed up. How can you be a fashionable mama in shorts? I only have a few sundresses or skirts that work, and it's just too darned hot for layers when it's 75 degrees out.
I love this outfit, though I always feel awkward in the long cardis. She really makes it work. The hair clip is adorable and clever - could have used that when my kids were younger and grabbing my hair as they nursed!
I have an old cedar chest that is perfect for healthy moth protection. Besides, who doesn't love the smell of cedar? The cedar blocks are far less effective. Consignment furniture places and antique shops are good places to find them, as well as Craigslist. Love your blog and ideas!
In the (recent) past, I found spanx equivalents at Target - very reasonable, and you can find a style that fits. Occasionally I wear them just to hide panty lines, or to give a nice smooth fit. Since then I've lost some weight and am rediscovering some fun things in the back of my closet (imagine!). I have a simple black jersey dress from express that I picked up for dirt cheap years ago at consignment. Can you do something with ways to spruce up a simple LBD for casual or dressy wear? I've partnered it with tights/boots and a flowy cardigan but could use some other ideas. Also have to give kudos to Kohls - I bought a charcoal grey cable knit sweater dress for $50 (which I thought was a bit pricey, but it felt so comfy and fit perfectly) and sure enough, I wear it all of the time. I adore sweater dresses - but what is the spring equivalent when it's too cold for summery dresses? LOVE your blog and use your tips all of the time!!
I bought two pair of Merona dress slacks two years ago. With the exception of a loose hem on one that developed after a year, they were my go-to work slacks. Comfortable, well-fitted, and they washed like a dream. Now I have to give them away because I lost weight - went to buy a new pair and there's nothing like them, even in the "traditional" department stores. I've bought some stuff from Target that didn't last, but some that keeps going and going! You should do a daily outfit just from your Target collection!
Love this! Thanks for the sharing of another great "real fashion" blog. I'm also 40 and a working mom, and I am in this whole rediscovery of being a fashionable mom - even though I have no interest in high fashion. Love your blog too - I pin a lot of your items!
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Feb 14, 2012