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Kelli Smith
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Love your blog. I found you from listening to PRT. Thanks for the chance to win!
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2012 on My Mind's Eye Blog Hop! at Stephanie Howell
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I've updated my brower and the problem seems to have been fixed! Yay!
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I found your blog when I did a google search, although I cannot remember what phrase it was that I googled at the time. The first video I watched was of you making a layout in silence in remembrance of your dad. I was hooked after that. I am the opposite of you in a lot of ways. 1) I’m a slow scrapbooker and tend to over think things, and 2) I hate my hand writing and rarely journal like I should. I am envious of how easy it comes to you. Anyways, I don’t comment, but I’m still here following along with you. Keep up the good work! Also, I can’t seem to go to your main page without it freezing my browser, but I found that I can view your individual post just fine because there is less to load. Kelli Smith, a fellow scrapbooker from Texas
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Dec 9, 2011