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Apr 10, 2012 are curious as to what the half cent sales tax is used for. It basically is the only source of funding for the County Of Platte in the General Fund. Out of the General Fund things like the I.T. budget, Dan Erickson's P&Z budget (Storm Water not included), HR, Facilities, many more departments. I say it's basically the only source of funding for Platte because the Mill Levy (Real Estate Tax) is 1 cent per 100 assessed. So if you were to look at your Tax bills (or receipts) you see in the second row where it says, "County" that's money collected for the Platte County cofers . All-in-all the County generates only about $250,000 from Real Estate other words, if people "ain't" buying stuff (half cent sales tax) Platte County is a hurtin' unit. Here's the link to the budget: and here are the latest sales tax figures:
Thanks for the pics Wes.......that bridge is one of the 108 reinforced Luten designed concrete arches that the Interurban used. The one up on Todd Creek is a great example. In addition, the Avondale trestle is still the creek but there nonetheless.
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Apr 10, 2012