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I was stunned to read Rumsfeld's book, where he talked about his efforts as an Illinois Congressman (!?!) supporting the Civil Rights Act's passage.
Great analysis. I'd add that next year marks the centennial of WWI. If the Kurds pouring out of Syria & into Iraq, along with the rest of the situation, reach a critical mass, those folks could reasonably raise the flag of Kurdistan, and piss off Turkey, Syria, Iraq & Iran in one shot. Whole lot of wild noise comes rippling out of all this. Pray for peace.
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Don't take it persnally, Pamela. Instead, you need to install an SSL certificate on your server and then have readers navigate to If it is a signed certificate, no problem; that works for FaceBook and Twitter right now. If unsigned, there will be a warning. Cheers, Chris
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Nov 15, 2011