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Why isn't Ram doing better?
Curious on the real, documented, unbiased reasons why Ram doesn't do better?
I really want to see the the frame, suspension, and drive line without the body, like shown above. I hope they take lots of photos, videos, or have some sort of VR fly-through. Knowing how a vehicle is put together and designed means a lot to me.
Reducing weight and increasing payload is a big deal to me. I much rather tow with a more agile and comfortable vehicle than a 3/4 ton.
Did Ford solve the carbon problem on the EcoBoost? What about engine/transmission temperatures towing uphill over a long duration (mountain pass)? What about engine braking? What about ride comfort (suspension)? What about cabin noise?
It sure seems like the truck differentiate themselves by: work truck, car comfort, towing features. I think a lot of the payload and towing is very close that I don't make it a decision to be made. I want to know about the ride quality (suspension, noise, steering, overall feel), durability, and when stuff is going to fall apart or rust. With a 1/2 ton I tow my sport boat, so I want towing features that are commonly found in the 3/4 ton. I hope Ford does a complete refresh, as I think the F150 looks like a cheap toy. There was a good video review between Ford and Ram done by Edmunds that demonstrated the transmission differences and noise. I'd like to see a lot more of those video reviews, so we can all be subjective in our evaluation.
I'm concerned that these trucks are going to be too flimsy. Sure, for the first 3 years their tight, but after that, they flex, squeak, bend, etc. I'm interested in the technology/engineering/construction differences in frames, suspension, drive line, and the panels (especially the bed panels). I want to know if the truck bed can handle a rack, and what weight. My main concern is the 3/4 ton is too much truck, and the 1/2 ton is too weak. Jake
I'm interested in traction, mainly at the boat ramp. I've seen some have limited slip and auto locking differentials. Turning radius. Ride comfort. Bed sides (some aren't strong enough for a bed rack). And long term reliability (I've owned a few trucks that start to have small parts coming off).
I've had the same question. When the media announces corporate hirings and new jobs, are these payroll jobs domestic or foreign? Similar question is when a multinational company announces better sales figures, are those domestic or global sales? I believe it's global sales. So just because a multinational corporation is bringing in more money, doesn't mean the U.S. is doing better, but could mean other countries are doing a lot better.