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Welcome to Meg Cameron's Rye where if your kid is beaten unconscious by a mob of teens, one kid is quietly arrested and charged with 3rd degree assault.What would Commissioner Corcoran done? We'll never know since he resigned after Meg Cameron's Mayor was elected. If you're thinking of buying a house in Rye, watch this video and remember: one kid was arrested for this, one kid. That's some mighty fine police work by our high school graduate Public Safety Commissioner, Robert Falk.
Hope to see a picture of Mr. Floatie with Christine Siller. She won the esteemed Human Rights Commission of Rye award. Lol.
“...gorgeous, yellow vehicular nymphs” This guy is bonkers
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2020 on Annual Message from Rye Mayor Josh Cohn at
This guy is bonkers. The City hired Kristin Wilson’s track coach as assistant city manager (zero experience), already promoting her, and now paying her $93,000. Then he hired a city manager with no experience either.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2020 on Annual Message from Rye Mayor Josh Cohn at
It's insulting to read Meg complain about special deals and hidden actions. In just 2 years of Meg's Mayor, Rye has lost it's top 3 senior employees. The Assistant City Manager was replaced with Kristin Wilson's running coach (special deal). The City Manager was replaced with Cohn's pal (no one else was interviewed/special deal). We have zero years municipal government experience in the City Manager's office due to Cohn's special deals. We also lost our Public Safety Commissioner. No explanation given. He found a new job in 12 weeks. Rye hasn't looked for a new Public Safety Commissioner. City Hall doesn't comment on personnel issues but there hasn't been any discussion about what the plan is for that position and there are plenty of credible rumors about what went down at City Hall that led to the departure of a qualified Public Safety Commissioner. Too many special deals, hidden actions and hidden agendas in just 2 years with Meg's Mayor.
“In reviewing payment records...”, lmao. There’s a CYA statement. Someone better have lost their job at the Rye Y. This should have been caught $1,000 in, not $195,000 later. What an embarrassment.
“How To Beat A Dead Horse” by Josh Cohn. I think your 3 minutes are up pal.
May we never hear another word about DPW moving from Disbrow to this Thruway property. Amen.
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Nov 26, 2019