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I really wish people would stop complaining about this issue. Netflix, it seems to me, really works best for someone who isn't interested in having the newest, shiniest release seconds after it leaves the factory. Go to Blockbuster if you want that. I left blockbuster because I wanted to see older - yet popular titles and TV Shows with longer runs that were unavailable for rental elsewhere.
Perry Mason is not being streamed on Netflix.
I agree with LJ. I think that folks feel their legitimate complaints often go unheard. The example I could think of was the lack of "dialog" for the streaming copy of "HEAT" and it seems that until the complaint started cropping up in reviews nothing was done.
I mentioned that Babs's dress appeared to be scraps from leftover costumes circa "The Main Event". I totally agree with your assessment of the de-gaying of the Oscars this year. It's like their parents were coming to visit and they didn't want anything gay out in the open. It also seems that Hollywood can only handle two -isms at a time.
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Mar 8, 2010