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The Snee
United States
Wacky rearview mirror perspectives to keep you grinning.
Interests: fun, creative, quirky, anything that is entertaining, or.....just for the heck of it.
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Bazza! What a treat to hear from you. Snow free London sounds lovely. To those who bloom when the snow is plentiful, this winter is pure joy! For me......I am more a maiden of fair weather. Hope you and your family are well.
Thank you! Lucky Snee to have you read about this critical issue in New England. On a serious note, the funny bone is particularly vulnerable to the exertion brought on by roof raking, path shoveling and ice chopping. One can only wonder how the ole' bone will hold up when the white stuff melts and the mud rises-up to the porch.
Hi Gary! Don't you mean sneeality? I am grinning ear to ear after reading your astute comparison of the lifestyle disadvantages of occasional furniture to outdoor furniture. A furniture union is perhaps in order. Thanks for swinging by to read The Snee's "occasional post". I miss you!
Snow-covered patio furniture took their complaints to the New Hampshire State Supreme Court after being buried for weeks under excessive snow banks. Patio Furniture reps report that Continue reading
So very, very pretty! I really love it!
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2012 on Crochet interlude at analog me
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WOW! Jeans that fit! They look really good, and a little gluttony should definItely be permitted.
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Hi Jayne, Can you really ever be late in blogland? The beauty of the internet is......our shit is always out there. I'm so happy that you visited and very humbled by your compliments. Regarding the abuse of legalized medicines, I couldn't agree with you more about how television advertisements of medicines has radically changed the way doctors and patients interact. And, those commercials sometimes feel like parodies of some horribly acted drama serial(Especially when the side-effects of medicines are listed at the end. You can see this topic makes me a bit crazy among all the other craziness these days. Be well Jayne.
Hi Kelly, Sorry to her that you and your sister have to make such a tough decision. You're smart to look to nature's beauty to restore your optimism.....and of course sipping a piping hot cup of tea:) Maybe next time I'm in Cincy?
Thank you Kelly! I'm glad you liked my Hoo, hoos done it. As a kid, I was always ambivalent about Owl too. He seemed to talk endlessly, but he served a lovely cup of tea. I hope all by you is calmer.
Hi Lilpixi, I'm glad you have recovered from the nasty virus. You're right about the 'good and evil' sides of medications. It's a tough balance to achieve. well, friend!
Fence Static! We come down on the same side of the fence!
Hi Static, So glad to hear from you! I'm not surprised that we come down on the same side on this one.
Hi Gary, I'm so glad you're here! is it, there? Oh bother. It is indeed difficult to know whether one is here or there, or if when one is there, one is here? Thank you for continuing my rant. I couldn't stop, and hence my post is endlessly long. Legalized drug pushing is a pet peeve of mine. I agree with you that it is a fine balance, and that should be the goal. It's really the medicating of the medication's side-effects that makes me especially crazy!
Heehee. Kanga refused to meet with our reporters since Roo was at home with Strep Throat.
Hi Sid, The Snee's onsite reporter, The Shadowman, does have a way of getting to the truth, especially when his body elongates at the beginning and end of the day. As for the disappearing bees, The Snee has heard all sorts of rumors and has sent The Shadowman out to investigate the buzz. Stay tuned.....
Hi Judie, Codeine is over the counter in Canada? Wow! It would be interesting to know if the drug is more abused or less abused when it is readily available. Sorry to hear that you are dealing with chronic pain. I use a wedge and a roller to relax my tight hip muscles using the same principle as the racquet ball. It works pretty well-quite surprisingly effective. Thanks for weighing in.
Hi David, First off, I have to say that you are truly an inspiration. I know how hard you work to remove the stigma that is attached to people who struggle with mental health issues. I also know that you fight hard, and persevere through tough times with your own emotional well being. Not everyone is so courageous. I hope everyone will swing by your blog,A Day in the Life. You are such an excellent writer. I admit that I nearly spit out my coffee when I read the side-effect of one of your medications was, 'sudden and unexplained death'. WHAT! A fine balance is difficult to obtain when the medications cause more trouble than the benefits. That being said, used responsibly and judiciously...medication has its place in the world.
Hi Lauren, In backwards land, the pharmaceutical companies provide us with medications to solve our problems, rather than having us identify our problems, and then go search for solutions. The commercials for some of these medications are frightening. As David below has mentioned, One of the side-effects of his medication read, 'sudden, unexplained death'. Something is really wrong when the side-effects from the medicines might just kill you. Honey...btw....really does have a myriad of health benefits. Yes....I admit it. I'm a honey pusher.
Hi Bazza, Isn't that kind of the point? AA Milne wrote a story about characters with specific personality quirks, rather than characters who were in need of medication. Or, was Pooh and honey a metaphor for sweetness and naivety? There must be a course at Oxford on Pooh Bear, Right! Interesting factoids on Pooh and Pez. I did do some reading on Christopher's feelings about his father. Exploitation of stuffed animals.....It's hard to be a parent. Thanks for dropping in Bazza. You are much better, and a lot more fun than Wikipedia!!!
Scotland Yard Inspector, Christopher Robin, stepped forward yesterday in front of the microphones to discuss the details of an ongoing investigation into the mysterious collapse of Winnie The Pooh who was found unconscious in his..... Continue reading
Hi Gary, Bonus points, coupons and .....a friend for life. As I just told Kelly, I'm so LUCKY to have you in my blogosphere. You have a way of really boosting me up no matter my mood. I am so very happy to have met someone with such an amazing sense of humor, and generosity. Stay well Gary, I shirley do not gest.
Hi Kelly, I'm thrilled to have you visit, and you've gone way beyond the call of bloggy buddy duty by commenting here and there, and everywhere. I'm so very lucky to count you as a friend. Thanks for all of your kindness. I know that life is throwing you a lot of curve balls, and you manage it with much grace, and perseverance. Be well.
No, no! It's SNEE not you! You crack me up!
Hi Bazza, Thank you so much for your flattering comment! Couponing really is a mixed bag for me. I love a deal as much as anyone, but really....I often don't find coupons for stuff that I want to buy. And, if I do find one, it's usually on something that I only want one of...not 5 of. Glad you swung by. Your brain is very good for THE SNEE.
It's COUPON WEEK at THINK SPIN and THE SNEE is invited to do a guest post over there! Story Teaser: Coupon Clippers Beware! 2011 was a banner year for bargain hunting women who found they were cashing out at the Emergency room, rather than the grocery store. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports an increase in ....cont. Continue reading