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Needed something to write about? IMO, these are a complete waste of money and you might even be able to get the .coms, .nets, or .orgs more easily. Buying any domain name that has no purpose on the face of it now just becomes a brandable theme but you've still got millions(?) of dot coms that can be registered. Save your money and buy value. You'll make more in the long run. Hypens. Not the way to go.
Anyone tell me the reason this was bid up to $7503?? What was it used for
Rick, Thanks as always for a great read. "You are witnessing the world's biggest Ponzi Scheme and if it goes south, most will be wiped out. The numbers tell the story. Don't get me started." I've felt the same way when I got robbed on a naked short on one of my stocks. Our banks and governments have counterfeited the value of our currency with banks not even wanting you to have physical paper certs for your stock. Can't trace it without a paper trail and now you see the same thing in the housing market. Domains!!! Regards
Thanks Rick, always enjoy reading your thoughts and what I'm going to do with my 300 pieces of pigeonshit and my few pieces of gold. Now if I could just tell the difference....
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Aug 5, 2010