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I think it was when I was a child flipping through the old family albums. Being able to see what my Mom-Mom's house looked like when she was froze those memories these for me to see. A home changes with the person living in it, and when she died, what made it hers was gone. Photographs saved her memories for me to see. I know what she liked and a little more of what type of person she was because of them.
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I LOVE those black and red sneakers! They remind me of saddle shoes!
Ah, but crap like chocolate, ice cream, and cheese always taste so good. I've found an answer to the chocolate in Nutella, and am looking for ice milk again. Low fat cheese is an option, but it doesn't taste very good to me.
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This is really cute and practical. Thanks for sharing it.
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Love all the little pics you added with your ten things. :)
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Glad you went back to the gym, but be careful. A back injury takes time to heal and you don't want to strain it again. Listen to your body and your trainers.
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I take way too long working on my pages. Even though they end up being relatively simple, I spend close to an hour on most of them. :-P
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Never tried them, so why not try and win them to see if I like them? :)
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It could be muscle spasms. Don't mess around with them. Go to the doctor, get the drugs, and relax for a while. I didn't and I tore my neck up and it took over two years for me to get full rotation back in it. Plus I missed my hockey playoffs when I did it because I hoped it would go away on it's own. Get checked out and feel better soon!
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The masks can also double as stencils too! :-D
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Love the chipboard and veneers! Great lo.
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Since I love circles, I'm highly! Thank you for the chance to win. :)
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