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Mesmerizing trip and stunning b2b! Amazing Ableton layering work, and a lot of delicious selections. Enjoyed all the way through.
Maybe I said it once elsewhere... anyway, once again & again: if/when I ever retire and stop following dance music, your immense mixes will be enough me to keep educated, energized and excited (triple E!) Because it seems that YOU will never retire :) Maxx reespek bro!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2011 on over - postwhatever mixed by at Comfortnoise
+ great interview! :)
Oi oi oi, how I love this old classic jungle... It was tearing the roof off my head way back in mid-90s and it's still can do wonders to me right now. Watching me dancing these days is almost like observing hen's teeth, but put me on da floor in front of good speakers with DJ Populist at the decks - and you'll see how Snobo can wiggle, jump and shout ;) Big up soundbwoy!!! Additionally, anyone who digs Bill Laswell and drops his Marley remixes in a mix gets my credit immediately even before listening.
Marius, mate, you did a hell of a crate-digging this summer! Again and again, you prove to be my favorite selecta. These tracks are so delicious, mmm, I was on cloud 9 all three hours with no breaks! I mean, there were maybe only a couple of tracks that haven't excited me that much, all the rest are just ear-candy after candy! And as always, so good to be riding the waves - from house to dub to dubtech to techno, expertly changing moods... Thanx so much for your hard selecta's work, especially in times when I myself am a bit tired of digging in the crates of beat-driven music... And for keeping my faith in power of 4x4 in general ;) I wish you never lose the energy to keep doin' what you're doin'!
yeah man, that was a trip! I would say, deep inside the bowels of the Earth, thru the underwater passages, with mysterious creatures lurking around, treasures blinking from under the rocks and stones, and low frequency pulses and ambiance wrapping me gently. So nice to hear you're not forgetting about the deepdubtech vibes after all the (always super great, but... maybe just not now, for me) dubstep & UKF mixes!
It was great fun listening to this podcast. Different vibes, plus such a lively, er, live set ;) Maximum respect Synflood! (of course Marius your warm-up was perfect as always too).
OMG, this can easily be my favorite cmftns/p45 podcast ever... the palette of moods is as broad as effortless is switching between them. This sounds like some three-four mixes were blended together... and taking the fact that it's all live 3-hour straight mix, my respect and listening pleasure just can't grow bigger :) @eRJe: yeah, this IS Riga :)
Wow, thanx man for opening my ears to the sound of, as you say, "monotone techno still being produced today"... I heard Function a bit and some similar stuff in Marcel Dettmann sets, but as a whole I was a little bit hesitating about this dark spacey Berghainy mood... Not anymore! Really powerful and kinda meditative (in a special way)! Also enjoyed Xeed's dubtech section very much, and the first part of the housey block (Get Physical and on from that was not my cup of tea though). Big up!
oi m8! Thanx again 4 comin ova and rokkin da house (not speakin bout all da rest)! It was excellent - sounds for the soul, body and mind! So many ppl loved your set :) C U next time!!!