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We actually had this feature for a long time last year on the PS3. (Perhaps we were part of some kind of silent beta test or something?) At any rate, we found it terribly annoying. We usually debate after watching an episode of something what we should watch next, and now we only had 15 seconds to do so before the next episode started playing. (Of course you can hit "stop," but then it shows up on your list as one you've already watched, and it just generally makes things more complicated.) Also, my kids would chain-watch things on Netflix all day if I let them, and it's a lot harder to make them stop at the end of a certain episode when the next one starts autoplaying after a few seconds. So I was extremely relieved when this feature eventually went away, and now we're getting it back again? Oh, joy!
I think this is a case of everything old being new again, as I remember years ago they had a similar feature. Back then, among the categories listed on the "Television" page were BBC, CBS, PBS, A&E, and a few other big networks that had distinctive brands for their shows. When they only had a few TV series available this was a very useful thing, but I guess they moved away from this when it became unwieldy. And now we've come full circle!
@Eric and derekm-- I've had a similar situation with the extra bonus discs I get when something comes from a different shipping center. I figured out that I'll keep getting an extra disc until I return the one that originally came as a bonus, which seems to remove the extra slot from the queue. (If that one happens to be a TV series disc that can be stretched out for a while, I've been able to take advantage of this for a week or two at a time.)
I'm happy to report that mine showed up a few minutes ago. So there's still hope if you haven't gotten yours yet!
No, I didn't get it, but I did get one encouraging me to buy a Netflix gift subscription for someone else!
95% of customers quit? It didn't seem like that many to me! ;)
I've had this happen a couple times just in the last month. It seems my local shipping center (Charleston, W.V.) is able to supply with me with less and less, but I like getting a bonus disc, so I'm ok with that for now. It has made me order my queue very strategically, though. Now I always make sure that the item in second position is something I wouldn't mind getting first.
I've been having the same problem as Kyle with the PS3 Netflix interface now displaying at a ridiculously huge resolution. Since the playback of the shows themselves is fine, I'm learning to live with it, but it makes it very hard to browse through the items in my queue when only about two fit on the screen at the same time.
We weren't able to get in at 10 pm, so I almost gave up, but tried again on a whim at 10:15 and was able to see it. (Although I didn't stick around long for fear of spoilers!) So we came back at 11 pm to watch the rebroadcast and saw it with no problems.
I don't see how this could be cost effective unless you had at least 4 adults watching. (No matter how much people act like they are, popcorn and candy are not mandatory purchases, you know.)
I also joined Netflix mainly for classic TV series, and it's nice to know I'm not the only person who's noticed this. More and more, I hear about some new series that has recently come out on DVD, only to look it up on Netflix and discover that it says "availability date unknown." I've also seen a lot of things in my queue doing the "short wait" to "long wait" to "very long wait" to "unavailable" dance, often surprisingly quickly. It's gotten so that I move something up to the top of my queue as soon as it goes to "short wait" for the first time. I've been burned too many times.
I'm very interested in the Starz/Netflix deal right now because of the upcoming season of Torchwood. If they'd offer the Starz service at half the price or less of what it would cost me to add the channel to my cable, I'd be willing to pay that, at least as long as Torchwood is on the air.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on Would You Pay More for Starz? at Hacking NetFlix
I also am very annoyed with these. I have my pop-up blocker set so that I hardly ever get pop-ups or -unders, but somehow the Netflix ones always slip through. Since everyone I know already has an account, it makes me wonder why they're still marketing their services so aggressively. Are they going for total world domination?
I think this is probably legit. If you look at the "Storylines" category under "Taste Preferences," racism is indeed one of them. It makes sense in that context, but not in the way this question was phrased.
I didn't get affected by the outage, as unfortunately I've been too busy to get around to watching anything lately. I did get the email, though, but mine promised a 3% credit! I wonder if this has to do with the plan I'm on (2-at-a-time unlimited).
The Apple. I can't explain why, because I love other bad 70's musicals like Can't Stop the Music and Xanadu, but The Apple was farther than I was prepared to go!
Although Coral Stream would be a lovely name for a city, it's actually Carol Stream.
I started seeing this about a month ago, and so far the predictions are accurate. It's nice, as I hate it when I get a disc and then the movie comes to Instant Watching the next week!
Yes, I saw it about a week ago and also wondered if it was for everybody or because I'd done something "naughty." (Although I really don't think I did.)
I "only" have 300 items in my queue, and it has become so glacial that I recently needed to turn off drag and drop to bring back some semblance of speed, so I'd guess that the 500 item limit is related to performance. And yes, I agree that for those of us who have mostly TV shows in their queues, 500 is a lot less than it sounds like. Especially for shows like the Prisoner that only have two episodes per disc!
I had a problem with an episode from Family Ties (The Fugitive, Part 2) this weekend. I got caught in a loop; every time I got to a specific point about 7 minutes in, I'd get dumped back to the very beginning of the video again. Fortunately, I know Family Ties is also available on the CBS site, so I was able to finish watching the episode there.