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The longest I've ever kept a disc was about a month for Disc One of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Season 2. There are 13 episodes per double-sided disc, and I just OD'd after a while! Fortunately they've added it to streaming now, so I can come back to it in smaller doses.
On a personal level, I'd miss Saturday mail deliveries terribly. It's the one day of the week when I'm actually home and waiting expectantly to hear the mailman's footsteps on my porch. (I'm a writer, so I'm always waiting/hoping for good news to arrive in the mail.) On the Netflix front, I won't miss it horribly, but I will say that I spent a lot more time obsessing over my Netflix shipments when they didn't run on Saturdays. Now that they do, it seems like it doesn't matter so much when I send something back. But if Saturday deliveries go away again, I predict a lot more finger-counting and calendar watching in my future!
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Feb 12, 2010