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I'm a managing consultant for a large technology company and live in Reno, NV.
Interests: Motorcycling, Formula One, MotoGP, skiing, hiking, camping, grilling, guns, photography, scuba diving, general aviation, Macintosh computers, cigars, single malt scotch, the wild West, amateur radio and emergency communications. (Whew!)
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Greg, thanks for the long reply and sorry to be slow in responding. My grumpy reaction to the article is because it comes down to the idea that people don't need more nannies, especially those that come after our 2nd Amendment rights. The AMA is very anti-gun and has frequently tried to use the language of disease to describe firearms in demented attempt to restrict or ban them. The stats you cite include all uses of guns, which (sadly) means that over half of those deaths were by suicide, while another significant portion were deaths by law enforcement officers in the course of their duties. Furthermore, it ignores the 1-3 million beneficial defensive uses of guns. If you want to discount the above one can argue that doctors themselves are far more dangerous than gun owners, yet I don't see doctors lecturing their patients that the doctor himself is dangerous and should be avoided. It's not a doctor's job to lecture his patients about every possible danger, especially when those risks arise from the exercise of free will and liberty.
Yep, I still have it and it's still working well for me. I've bought my replacement toner from Amazon and get the extra capacity cartridges. So far I'm still on my first round of replacement cartridges, so while a full set comes close to an entire printer (what's new?), I'd have to say I'm still satisfied with my purchase. Maybe Amazon, or some other mail-order provider, can help you find the toner you need? Also, I find that the printer provides plenty of advance notice before a cartridge expires, so I just wait until I get the first low toner warning, order a replacement and have it ready for when the printer finally refuses to print until the toner is replaced.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on Adding Memory to the Lexmark C544dn at BlakeBlog
Oh, hey, here's one other good Apple TV rebuild resource I bookmarked and should share:
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2011 on My Apple TV's Hard Drive Is Dead at BlakeBlog
Yep, I got it working--mostly. Partition the new drive by following any of the drive upgrade instructions out there (for example, ). Download the latest OS image from Apple and put it in the boot partition. The drawback for me was that my recovery partition was toast, and I couldn't find a reliable recovery image on the net, so I had to leave that partition empty. The Apple TV will work without the recovery partition, but it won't be able to upgrade itself since part of the upgrade process is to boot from the recovery partition to install the update into the boot partition. This means you'll have to manually update the boot partition by downloading the latest OS image from Apple and "dd" it onto the boot partition. Good luck!
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2011 on My Apple TV's Hard Drive Is Dead at BlakeBlog
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Mar 15, 2010
I found this comment over at slashdot to be insightful: In short, the complex process to use encryption in the military kept the feed unencrypted.
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Let's just hope someone helped Donovan with that "cup and saucer" grip after the pic was taken!
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on Burn Notice Iraq-Style at BlackFive
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I had Van Halen's "Feel Your Love Tonight" cranked while watching this the first time--somehow it seemed so appropriate!
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