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Interesting comment about the middle disappearing. Hadn't thought of it because that's what I'm interested in. But the audio analogy is too close for comfort. I'm still using my 20-year old receiver. And no doubt the interest in taking and publishing photos will diminish (hate to use the word fad). And if my interest in the middle is typical (20-year old receiver, waiting to replace 6-year old digital camera), we middlers won't support that market. But we did just replace our 25-year old television (but that was somewhat forced by the end of analog). But I've been taking pictures for fifty years and listening to music for as long, but with waxing and waning interest. For those advertisers and manufacturers out there, my 6-year old Konica-Minolta A1 died and I will be buying a replacement in the next couple of months. Haven't done it yet because there isn't a follow on. Six years later and no faster, lighter (or at least not heavier and bigger), wider angle camera is here. Maybe I'm asking for too much, as David S. pointed out the middle doesn't hold. I don't think this group will offer many suggestions, but in case you're tempted I require a decent EVF. The Samsung TL500 would fit the bill well enough but for the lack of an EVF. The Sony mentioned lacks that and 24mm. I'll settle for µ4/3 with 24mm to whatever zoom, but I don't really want interchangeable; and that lens doesn't exist AFAIK at least not out in the open.
Taking the idea of supporting the arts further, we can also spend money to supply services such as taking care of parks, our physical and mental health, and education. This list can easily be expanded. But we can create new jobs that will benefit us all and not be large users of the earth's resources.
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