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Im Lisa Breeden, and Lory Yazurlo is my aunt. -Pig Tales Sanctuary is her haven. Pigs are her life, her love, her passion. They are the reason why she wakes up in the morning, being in a wheel chair from a truck accident and still being able to overcome boundaries, and save animals from being killed is what i think of as a hero. I look up to my aunt for fighting for what she believes in, and making the chooses to save animals. My aunt Lory wouldn't hurt a fly, those pigs where like her kids.She named them, and when she would call their name, they would come right over. The pigs felt close to her. I think my aunt has the magic touch, because animals are her forte. I feel like the episode National Geographic displayed my aunt in a negative way. Portrayed her as an animal killer, when shes anything but. Shes always loved and cared for the pigs along with other animals for as long as i can think of. I always loved coming to visit my family here in Florida (because i live in VA), i had a chance to see my aunt and her pig farm. I would tell my friends stories. Shes an amazing woman, who cares for animals, shes not a killer. She was saving those animals. Think about this: What if you had to choose between cutting off the life support to a person who is in a coma? Would you kill them because you believe they would never wake up? Or do you wait and let them die if they want to or not, if the body cant take it any longer. Just because the pigs had a disease(which was never tested for), is because you gas them? Instead of letting them die on their own? The way God intended for them to die. That is the way i portrayed things. I was upset. Every time i see this movie, it sickens me.I love my aunt. She will overcome all obstacles, like her and my family have already done.
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Jun 13, 2011