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Interests: rapping, wrapping, ping pong, cheese
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Lonely Island is the very best!! I loved their first album, and I can't wait for this new one as well.
I'm loving that final couch scene!
Great video!! That's how monopoly was back in my childhood as well!
Catchy tune!!
I did not realize she was originally involved in the Art Star scene! I've done that on and off myself since around 2003 / 2004. Great interview as always!
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2010 on Meet Me In New York: Ann Carr at the comic's comic
I thought Myq Kaplan did a good job, right?
If Fred did a comedy special, would they have to speed up the footage so that it would chipmunk?
I will admit that sometimes I RT compliments I get, but it doesn't happen very often. The time it happened the most was when a friend of mine released a video I was involved in.. I did it probably 5 times and then stopped responding and such once I saw that it was becoming a flood of compliments. Usually I just RT a new link someone posted about me or an announcement for an upcoming show I'm involved in.
This is great! Everyone in it is great! Wonderful to see Hannibal rocking out.
Thanks so much for your detailed coverage! It's great to read about all my fellow new yorkers kicking butt!! Go team!
Mulaney never fails to please. Big upps! Would love to see him rock out there again. His points were all valid!
Yep, when I'm not commenting on blogs and message boards, I am a hip hop producer for rappers, comedians, rapping comedians and more.. who knew?
That's great. What Gethard lacks in star power compared to Heder, he will greatly make up for with talent and charisma. I can't wait to see this show!
Whooo Arthur Lewis, Shockwave and Jon Braman are my favorite performers ever!!! Go team Yale '02 / Foxborough!!!
I've got love for the artstars! That's a great scene. Good interview as always.
Strangely captivating. Is there nothing this man can't do perfectly?
I've been thinking of throwing shows in my apartment for a while.. Maybe I will give it a shot some day.. we'll see-- Good looks on this as always.
He looks different here than as the bearded cop from Reno 911.. more like his original self--
Very surreal.. Always nice to see H*R references!!!
"Let your skill as a comedian do your networking for you." I couldn't agree more. Everyone's glad to make new friends, but you have to have something to offer if they're going to do business with you. Fortunately, Sean has a lot to offer!
Speaking of comedians quitting the BBC, check this out as well: Peter Serafinowicz quits BBC
Talk about being driven!
Great interview as always. I agree that the stand-up scene here is very supportive. People will go out of their way to help you out as long as you are making reasonable requests and putting in plenty of effort on your own. And for the most part, the more people get to know someone and see that they're a soldier who's in it for the long haul, the more they tend to respect that person.
To people criticizing Sean for not interviewing Kumail and others about the situation, this article is called "EXCLUSIVE: John Mayer talks about learning a tough lesson about stand-up comedy", not "Here are various people's thoughts on what happened." I don't feel Sean is trying to defend John.. He's simply giving John a chance to describe the situation in his own words. It's a double-edged sword. For instance, when he says,"I don't know how to do it yet. I don't know how to bomb," then that's a good admission of his weakness. Any comedian who has performed has bombed, and anyone who's bombed knows that it's the worst feeling in the world, and you are in a very sensitive and raw space where you momentarily hate your life. That being said, John didn't exactly bomb. He didn't kill, but I think he was a lot harder on himself than he needed to be. He felt he was bombing because he talked about how much he was bombing throughout his set. If he had just hit us with jokes instead of continually putting himself down, people who've most likely enjoyed his set much better, and he wouldn't have felt it was such a bomb. Every comedian bombs, and the more experienced ones get over themselves and don't stress out over it so much.. It's just like dating; sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. But ultimately you need to learn from it and be able to move on quickly. This quote does him a disservice: "It was combative in the sense that the crowd didn't really accept the fact that the jock, the guy who gets the girls, was at a place where the guys go who talk about how they don't get the girls." That's just silly because there are plenty of comedians who are rich, handsome and successful. Not every comedian tells self-deprecating stories (although most do). The point is that he was simply inexperienced and not as funny as the other comedians. It's not as though he was telling funny jokes but the audience was refusing to laugh simply because he was famous and has had lots of sex with hot women. Audiences don't care much about a comedian's personal history. They mainly care about their jokes and delivery.