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Ever since I was a kid I loved to play with words. My parents had good vocabularies so that rubbed off on me. I would always make puns and I really enjoyed that. I also greatly enjoyed reading. In English classes I enjoyed reading the classic works which we were "forced" to read in school. Writing reports etc came naturally to me. In fact, it was so easy that it never occurred to me that I had any special talent. I felt that it was so easy that anyone could do it. Then I moved to Israel and I got a job translating news from Hebrew to English for a weekly newsletter. Eventually, I got another job writing and that's how I got into it. Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2011 at socialsynergy
I used to write stories of science fiction. But after my son was born, I began to stories for children. If I write children's books to help me pretend I tell a story about how I write. After my son was as a source of inspiration is a wonderful resource tool. The Big "Who?" If you have a work permit, which is to start big. Otherwise do not bother until you are finished with the story. The main thing is to have the story. Then you need a main character and try to take as many details as possible, without the long history. This takes care of the great "Who" of the process. Now think about the things of this kind are to do their history and can bring other characters. The what? To find the "why" part is important, what works for you, instead of trying to write something for you unattractive. For me, writing is fiction self-help, where I do my best work, but I wrote a fantasy of some stories for my son. I would also stress that you need to know your audience. Knowing the age of the reader, and know what interests them (eg education, ABC and 123s - and the moral virtues - the animal world, poems, etc.) Once you know, this information simply to feedback from children that they are interested in the topic will know. Continue reading
Posted Feb 8, 2011 at socialsynergy
The fun thing about children’s books is that they are usually good, clean fun. Many times they are stories about overcoming evil or just protagonists with good wholesome values. At any rate they make both children and adults feel good, positive and hopeful. Even though these may be imaginary stories they leave us enriched. When we share them with our children we are building a foundation of good which we have in common with them. So go ahead and share books with your children. You’ll be happy you did. Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2011 at socialsynergy
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Feb 7, 2011